Disappeared base official pvp #3222 ps4

We was on sunday the last Time in this base and Tuesday the most structures are disappeared… we lost all chests and vaults and the other structure has 144h…what Is happened? I see nothing in the Event log… No attack of somerhing else, can anyone check this on your official pvp server? We are online every day and reset all and then this…

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I have been experiencing an issue with parts of my building decaying even though I have logged in everyday this week and run around every inch of my base each day. The event log says destroyed by ruin system.

I went on an exploration to the North which took one and a half hours as I wanted to gather and collect as much as possible and in that time 6 pieces of a balcony I had decayed even tho I was on that balcony 2 hours before I went up North.
Now If the pieces don’t decay while i’m logged off then they shouldn’t after 3 hours of me being logged in either.

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After patch 1.16 on the PS4 I had to of my base come crumbling down upon log in due to changes in building mechanics and the “structure” system.

Prior to this patch however, I experienced random walls vanishing with in my base upon server restart. Unsure as to the reasons. Was able to replace piece. Checked every panel with hammer in the whole build. All stabilities and timers checked out. Nothing physics breaking, and yet, I would log back in to yet another random hole. Event log has no record of this part vanishing.

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Hello, I’am a clan member of Satarias and thanks for your reply.

The problem with stability we had also in our other base and we fixed it with pillars and with a little redesign, but this is not the point here. The problem here is that walls, foundations and vaults placed directly on the ground has partly disappeared over night and nothing is in the Event Log.

The only thing that happened and that could help to investigate the problem is that the 2 players of our tribe that build that base were offline for over a week and we visited the base every 2-3 days to reset the timers and defend from purges.

On sunday one of these players, our former clan lead joined the game and set Satarias to the new clan lead and left the clan and the game, after that we visited their base again and all was fine.

On monday I was near this base and I detected that only a Vault was missing in front of their base and I did not think anything about it.

A day later on Tuesday we only saw in the Event Log that two players killed some thralls, we found them near this base and detected that nearly the half base has disappeared and the Thralls that previously stand behind or on the top of the walls were standing on the ground and attacked and followed this players.

I know from PC and Early Access that there was a Bug with players that left a clan or recreate the character that it is possible that all structures went to the “abandoned” state after server reboot, but I thought this Bug is solved but I am not sure if this is only solved on PC?

We only wanted to know if it is still a Known Bug on PS4 and what is happened with our stuff, has a player used this false abandoned state to tear down the structures and “saved” our named Thralls and Arcpriests?