Ease up on building stability requirements a little please?

I’ve noticed that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to build larger structures without putting a gigantic pillar right in the middle of the room to keep the ceiling/upper floors from collapsing, even not-so-big buildings seem to be getting to the point where if they are more than a few squares they start to fall apart.

It can make creating buildings like pyramids really frustrating because it limits the available space inside by an absurd amount when you have to have a 3x3 block pillar sticking through the middle of every floor, a 1x1 square pillar is one thing, that would be fine, but my favorite building currently is a nicely sized 15x15 pyramid, it’s great… on the first floor, the second floor half the space is dominated by the pillar holding it up, the third is almost all pillar…

I had a similar issue however with a much smaller building, my first attempt at creating a small circular castle, the issue wasn’t nearly as bad mind you, but the largest room on the ground was maybe 9-11 squares across at most and I immediately noticed that the ceiling was starting to break.

I’m not asking for building stability to be removed, it’s realistic to need supports in buildings, but can they be less severe? Or can there just be an option to toggle the requirements a bit so you can build larger without everything falling apart?

I’m on ps4 by the way, so no mods are available to fix this issue sadly x.x

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