Please fix your Structural Integrity System


I am a big fan of building stuff. I love to do this in every game. I really like your building pieces and I got the Argossian set immediately. It’s so lovely!

The concern I have is that the pieces greatly encourage vast buildings, which I just love! Unfortunately, the SI system is too limited. You cannot make the vast builds desired, such as something to hold the Map Room, for instance… because of the limitations of the horizontal building. You cannot place ceilings or roofs far enough out.

I cannot make tall barns because it requires far too many pillars or walls, and too few items suit as either vertical or horizontal supports.

While I appreciate realism, the problem is that we have these very, very long rugs (and few to no small ones). We have very tall tapestries. Very large inherent building such as the animal pen and the map room. Yet our own builds must be checkered with frequent pillars and/or walls and thus the carpets do not place.

Contrarily, there are no scaled paintings. We have small paintings, but none which are tall to match the seeming “suggested” epic builds.

I really enjoy the building aspect of the game greatly. I think your pieces are fantastic. I have absolutely loved how creative you’ve gotten with them. Each new DLC brings delightful and lovely pieces.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your game in general. I hope that this request reaches you in the spirit it is intended–I love your building pieces and I want to do so much more with them!

Thank you for your time, and for the wonderful game!


You can build 8x8 roofs without pillars. That is a lot of area. And big enough for a map room. It is hard, yes, bu map rooms can be enclosed.

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I would agree the structural integrity system is a little limiting. What I would like to see maybe, though I doubt it will be implemented, is a horizontal beam that can be run under ceilings to provide additional support. Like a pillar it provides the support it has to the ceiling above it, and it could lose stability at half the value, 10 per piece instead of 20. There could also be diagonal 45 deg inclined pillars to run under sloped ceilings. There would need to be a smaller variety for triangle wedge pieces as well. This would allow some flexibility, while maintaining realism. It is also not infinite so as to prevent exploits.

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Yes that would be nice but it would also be bad pvp if say those pillars held most of you stuff drop a big trebuchet what ever and it’s all gone also pvp and pve the purge if it was a jerk and just hated you more than most same problems it was made that way to help players build a little better because it could get unpleasant if one pillar holds it all and 20 seconds you lose everything so it’s good as is on limits as it helps you build well and mostly sound builds

you can totally build over taming pens and maprooms, it’s where building system gets creative
and I mean vanilla build, with mods that add support structures it’s easy-peasy

It is remotely possible, without being able to walk around it, which misses the point of what I’m asking for. These could be beautiful builds except for the extreme difficulty of the simplest things.

And it doesn’t say anything to the fact that it can only ever be one floor.

There are such majestic structure pieces, we should be able to build massive buildings without there being pillars every few blocks to get in the way of everything.

I think that’s an amazing idea. It could be made to look attractive and it would add a lot to the ability to make grand structures.

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I Agree, it mostly needs a +1 or +2 to some of limits. Many of things I tried to make…even with limits of ps4. You end up with 1x1 or 2x2 3x3 that can’t be closed off or 1 roof corner that wont let you place inless you break pattern with line of pillars going upwards.

Same as Rope bridges… 95% of locations I want use them… can’t. always 1 or 2 squares off, or require a fudge ton of pillars going downward…

The system needs limits… at same time. Were there at suck.

I accidentally sent this reply to the wrong person. This is regarding PVP.

Perhaps it could be easily toggled off on PVE servers. That being said, however, it already destroys significant amounts of your building if (for example) a purge breaks a bottom block or two.

The ability to build higher and stronger structures should not require pillars every few blocks, in my personal opinion. Unfortunately, at this point in time, it’s nearly impossible to have any peaky or tall buildings which are also spacious. And that’s a problem because of how many of the building items pretty nearly require spaciousness.

One thing or the other should give. Either the other buildings should be brought down into parity with the structural integrity, or the SI should be corrected. Having a two story house with an animal pen that’s nearly bigger than it is, and where most decorations don’t fit, is unfortunate and disappointing to people who love to build grand structures.

I wouldn’t like to see PVPers not have access to it, but I really do want access to vast builds without having to ask the server host to download more and more and more mods.

I understand that in the simplest sense, you can put a covering over it. However, my reference was not to the ability to put a covering over it. The problem is, firstly, once you’ve put a covering over it, that’s max height of the structure. No second floor, no roof.

Furthermore, it’s not proportional in appearance. If I could build a vast stable, for example, then the animal pen would look structurally similar. Unfortunately, as it stands, it looks out of proportion to what you can actually build unless you have tons of pillars and extra walls everywhere. Which goes against the open concepts of vast builds.

There are huge discrepancies between a lot of the decorative items, and there aren’t that many decorative items to begin with. This adds to the over-all problem of building in this game. You can have a three story tapestry hidden behind pillars, or you can have one block paintings which you can barely see without being close to them.

There are frequent mismatches between rugs and things like that, as well. The “plane” of floors don’t line up with each other and so rugs and other items look odd.

It’s honestly an over-all problem of consistency.

It should not require yet another mod on top of the other mods to fix something like this. Especially since no mod corrects the mismatch of many of the sizes of decorative items.

I’m all for vast builds, but there is a lack of internal consistency in creating them.

Thank you. I’m trying to express that, but you did it better than I. It does seem too frequently to end up, especially vertically, but too often horizontally with long items, to require a forced break of pattern. The other alternative is extreme repetition of pointless walls or pillars.

Indeed these type of thing would be nice and much more enjoyable but it comes down to the way the system it’s self works if you alter even one peice it will alter everything else like rope bridge I like them but there it comes down to. Sorry but the purge if it spawns on the bridge it would destroy it a the same time the poor basterd ai be. Take this and this annnnnd krreeeeek o not good) end of story lol😈

I think what I’d like is horizontal support beams (that also match each of the dlc and building types) limit them so that they have to be directly underneath a ceiling or they can’t be installed to prevent abuse of making buildings too sturdy for being besieged by other players, it’s fun to be able to build large scale castles etc… Have them just give the building stability but if it’s destroyed, yes the building falls, that’s what a support beam does in life anyways. There would have to be a few types though. A straight beam that goes across the ceiling, a junction so that two horizontal beams can intersect and maybe an angled one for the sloping roofs it always feels odd that I have to make normal support beams for this when the roof itself should also stabilize itself in all technicality that the roof pieces could push against each other.

I’m more concerned about the fact that if you put a ceiling tile on a pillar it doesnt update the stability till after you break and replace the tile. As far as the crafting table for level 2 or 3 building supply’s I don’t think that is necessary. All they need to do I transfer the the admin spawn panel template over to a crafting menu all the formatting is there already a search bar ability to specify the number of items exactly instead of counting in 10’s and 1’s. It also could break things apart as gear, structure pieces, and station categories, further it would be an easy fix for Funcom. Also if they could add a sledgehammer for deconstructing building pieces or a building mode so we dont have to hold a button on each piece we wanna break down this would be the most amazing quality of life for the players. Either way keep up good work still enjoying the game and have been playing since pre-release.

Horizontal and diagonal supports would be nice. Run roofing beams from one wall, all the way across the room to the opposite wall.
Have them attach to the underside of the ceiling and boost the stability of each ceiling tile by 40 or so as they pass under it.

We already have diagonal ones, but they seem to be purely decorative.
I don’t see any reason for you to have horizontal supports of every cultural style. We have enough bloat in the crafting tables.
Just make them out of a nice understated hardwood, so they go with everything.
You don’t use stone for roofing supports anyway.

and the places we can build

It will aslo reset to highest possible stability if you run in and out of render. And from my understanding, stability is checked if the bottom is destroyed. If you take a pillar out from underneath, the ceiling above had 100%. It will re-calc. if any other ceilings attached to it can give it stability. If so, the ceiling will stay in place.
Now i may be wrong, but i have seen it do this…

Yes and its exactly this pic as to why we will (probably) never see horizontal support structures. It bugged the crap out of me at first till I got to understand why it was that way. In this game we want the building to be able to fall. It does making the game a bit more fun to learn how to adapt to this system. (Altho annoying at first)

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With horizontal support structures things would still fall though. Destroy the piece at the edge that it has to snap to and the center breaks apart. I just want wider rooms if possible. I do understand that they wanted things to fall apart but still a horizontal support would be nice.

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