We Desperately Need a Solution To The Map Room Ceiling Issue

As many people have already noted, since the changes made to the support struts, erecting a roof over the map room has become nearly impossible due to the sheer size of the thing. I get that it’s supposed to be a center piece but the thing takes up an entire base on it’s own, it really needs scaled down dramatically.

Either that or reintroduce the functionality of the support struts with a small diminishing return to stability the further the struts are from the main anchor point. Without them in the game it dramatically limits the scale and scope of what people can create which is frustrating.

Roofless in the Exiles Lands

:microphone: Rain drops keep falling on my head…


I beg to differ. Put a bunch of foundations under or pillars to provide more stability and you’re good.

The issue is that due to the massive circumference of the map piece you can’t place pillars where they are needed toward the center of a room to support the roof above. I’m sure it can be done if you just made a giant cube but if your trying to incorporate it into a cylindrical design it’s frustratingly difficult without working support struts.

use the digonal pillar things that you can unlock uder the sandston tab they can get craftet at the carpenter bench.

I did it with a cylindrical design with pillars…

If you do 8x8 foundation room you should be able to place a roof without pillars no problem

agreed, there is no room for pillars and the struts suck for support, i mean really? why the limitation? or at least the current limitations. for now i cover my holes with rugs

I just threw an Abyss of Yog over the hole. It put a beacon on the roof and makes it so anyone who tries to jump into the hole (if they know its there) dies horribly. Plus it looks cool. So its a win win lol

(Just to be safe, this is not me saying the issue is fine, just sharing a humorous option I found to deal with it)

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def love that option may do it on my next base build

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what holes? if you do 8x8 foundation you CAN place a roof with NO problem

Just to be safe, I havent tested it with any of the other “Shrines” only Yog. So if you try with the others, please let me know how it works :smiley: