Construction: Unable to fit map room into a 9x9 Room roof

When trying to build a roof for the Map room, i’m unable to complete the roof because of structural integrity. 4 spaces are left open and no other support block can be placed, because the map room is so big.

Suggest: Increasing Structural Integrity by 1 level or Reduce Map Room size to accommodate Structural integrity

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I think it’s possible to fit it into an 8x8 room (but then you can’t center a door or gate to the room, so throws off the look if you’re going for that), if not, the corners of the room may have enough free space to but support pillars there to give you one extra block worth of support.

it was a problem encountered as well, ended up just not having a roof and putting t3 fences all around the edge to stop attackers instead of a roof

yeah, the placement is super tight. i tried using support pillars but i couldnt get any higher intergrity. I’m just going to leave it open top until hopefully it gets fixed.

Have the same problem atm. 8x8 is to small for the map room. It would fit but its not that what i want, i want to run around the map room and place some interior at the walls and round it… so i need minimum 9x9 or even better 10x10 but without pillars its impossible and i dont like pillars.

Also building large halls arent possible with 8x8. A big room without pillars is limited to 8x8… why! The Stability system is good but not for roofs and big sized rooms. There funcom should be improve this and give us something to stable the roof from outside. or Pillars that dont connect to the ground but to the Wall slope pillars connected to wall and ceiling like timbered houses have.

You shouldn’t have to mess around with pillars and nonsense to add a standard build item into a room.


just decreases the size by half, it’s like they just literally lazily took the same structure you see at the cartography hall and threw it in the build section.

Considering integrity is a key part of building they added to the game, it should be MUCH smaller