Has Anyone Managed To Enclose A Map Room?

I have tried various designs and shapes of a base to enclose the Map Room but always run out of structural integrity to close off the roof.

If you have managed it without just building a huge square box with lots of pillars inside, then please share your method.

Not rly that hard honestly. I’ll go and re-build what i did on multi in single and post again.

have you tried the diagonal supports. Im curious how those might help

From what i saw i used diagonal and now i tested it again and yes, diagonal are enough. No need to build pillars.

Here is a screenshot {The room is a bit larger than it’s need to be for map room}

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The supports help a lot with base building :slight_smile:

Too bad they’re getting nerfed.

Yeah, I’m greatly worried about that patch. My base isn’t utilizing them in any exploitative way or anything, but I’m worried that after the nerf my top floor of my tower will just come crumbling down. I already had troubles building that top floor because the game would tell me it’s stable, only later to decide to change it’s viewpoint and claim it wasn’t stable at all. What I’m left with is not a design I wanted, but one that I can tolerate for the time being.

Here is a different build that i made in multiplayer. Might help you a bit on how to build.

Some of the pillars are not needed, but i added them anyway. There also 2 pillars on the sides behind me.


here you go

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Ah, he asked for an enclosed map room. As in walls, ceiling, etc.

Thanks for all your suggestions guys, I might not have been utilising the support beams as much as I could. I promise I’m not stranger to building and have created some beautiful designs already, I’ve just been struggling to get this closed off. I just hate boxy rooms.

It’s not even a case of needing to, I only play PvE servers. I would just like to create a nice indoor room which is capable of bridging the map, have room to walk around it and have a few placeables so it doesn’t look like a map room in a container box ready for shipping.

The builders amongst you will know what I mean. For me it needs to be pleasant to look at as well as functional.


That’s the shape I always start with too.

NB, If you were to build walls around that map, then lift the map, you can’t place it back down. So far, I’ve always needed to place the map BEFORE building anything onto the foundations. This map is a real pain to incorporate into an existing building.

same, was able tu turn it no north in order for her to work, seem that the hitbox is a bit bigger than the model itself, didn’t test if you could place candle on it tho

This is my base right now on an Official server, I just built it outside for now.

The map room isn’t my design, I got many of the idea’s from a YT build I came across.
The tower base was also inspired from a YT video, but with tonnes of modifications. It make for a nice compact base.

Quick maproom question. Can others use your maproom? I.E. you are raided, and then they can use your room to port out?

I believe so yes

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i share mine with neighboors so yes^^

8 squares by 9 squares map room. There’s a screenshot on my steam account. as a new user I’m not allowed to post images here yet

The diagonal roof supports are getting nerfed along with the new pillars that can be placed on a wall.

The diagonal roof supports are getting nerfed along with the new pillars that can be placed on a wall.

They have already been nerfed on Testlive and yes, there is difference, but not like you guys think. The builds i made are still viable.

So you can still use them for some builds, just not as extreme as before.