House Support Nerf

It would be great to see the nerf to supports for home building undone. Ive heard and seen from many players who built homes prior to this change that this has caused roofs and portions of homes to collapse. It continues to be a problem with several of my clan memeber as well. The game will allow placement of certain tiles then they will be gone after logging in next day. It doesnt seem to be a big game changer so hopefully it will be considered. thanks!

they nerfed them? hmmmm i havent noticed, could use a buff for sure tho

its nearly impossible to get a map room enclosed because of this make them support more than 1 tile further or let us stack the diagonal ones to make longer supports like A frame style, not really sure why we cant do that.

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oh yea, that does suck my map room is always outside now cause of it, cept this new base which i built in a tunnel with a high ceieling

Very much this.

Given that I can’t build angled supports that actually angle down and could be used as buttresses I have been forced to use ramps to get the look I want but they lack the ability to go as far as I would like.

Give us horizontal beam supports and inverted corner sections that actually join ramps. Both for foundations/floors that are joined at a square corner and a wedge to square corner.

At the very least give us an item that can be used to reinforce connecting tiles, like plank of wood or sheet of metal that is bolted to both tiles and adds stability. If it was visible that is great but it doesn’t have to be.