Pillars and Supports

The supports you added are awesome in looks but don’t actually offer support. Not sure if this is intended. But would be great if you made the supports actually support ceilings and roofs. Also would be great to have them made of different materials such as stone. Having them match different tiers would be awesome as well.

I use to be able to use stairs to force the stone pillars to snap to the center edge of a foundation, now while I can still do so while the game is running, once a restart happens though they go poof. So sad that this ability was taken out.

Also, you can’t stack the supports more than two high, nor can you make them snap to the outside of a foundation that is touching the ground. Would be awesome if we could do this and make many builds look really great.

Diagonal supports you mean?
Those are definitely bugged in the current live build.
They works when you build them and when you logging in again they stop working.
Or maybe even if you go out of draw distance and come back they just stop working…
It is definitely a bug. not a feature. :smiley: