Diagonal Support BEam no longer provide any support

Game mode: Singleplayer and Multiplayer
Problem: Severe Bug
Region: Europe

Diagonal Support Beams no longer convey stability to ceilings attached to them. In the previous game release (prior to the 500+ patch) you could build a wall and place a square ceiling on top of it, then use support beam from the ceiling to the wall to prevent stability loss to the ceiling section.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a single square foundation.
  2. From the foundation attach a single wall.
  3. From the wall attach a square ceiling section.
  4. Add a diagonal support beam connecting the underside of the ceiling to the adjacent wall
  5. Use a repair hammer to note that the foundation has stability 100, the wall has stability 100 but the ceiling only had stability 80. Previously the ceiling would also have stability 100.

Note that for me this is more than a game breaking issue. It will have destroyed most of my bases.


Someone somewhere else mentioned they are now supposed to be a decorative item with no stability support? Is this not a bug but a feature?

Yeah, they’re just decorative now.

Please don’t. As a builder I appreciate the possibilities of the diagonal support beams. We have to use mods to get the possibilities of supporting by beams again. :pray:t3:

Please make the support beams give support again (as their name indicated), I cant cover the map properly without them, the ceiling just colapse…

Before the patch



On my private Server a very active player did build like you and have the same problem with the stability now. He cant build his planed awesome base becouse he yoused also the support beams. For the building aspect they were very useful.

What a great hall, love it - so please Funcom don’t abandon the support beams

The new decorative nature of supports is super annoying. Yes, infinite bridges are bad, but now a whole lot of builders are perma-pi$$ed, and rightfully so. It seems like a simple solution would be to just set a higher stability limit on structures. Just a couple or so more would probably make every builder happy, and still keep folks from exploiting building mechanics.

Indeed. I want my map rooms with a roof.

Lost 50% of my base including chests full of thralls and other valuables due to this update. Couldn’t be more pissed at funcom and more on the brink of abandoning all hope for this game.

So, I can’t have a nice looking impressive structure on my PvE server because someone on a PvP server uses the support beams in an inventive way not envisaged by the devs when they created them.

Seems that, once again, the PvE experience gets ruined by PvP. An increasingly common occurrence these days, sadly.