Diagonal support beams broken needs hotfix

Game mode: [Online
Problem: bug
Region: NA

When first placing a diagonal support beam it transfers stability as it should. However, after the server gets reset they all lose functionality resulting in peices relying on that support getting destroyed.

This is a huge deal for me and I am sure many others. As a builder I have very complicated buildings with thousands of peices relying on these supports. Please try and hotfix this asap so I can continue with my builds.

Also, if by chance this is intentional the community needs to know so we can make an informed decision on what to do next.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

that explains why i have the same hole in my base everyday :o

Still looking for answers…

this is realy gamebreaking for me. i can deal with every single bug of this game since i had fun building my bases, exept this one. the last days i buildet a tree house, i realy liked it. and a day later a quater of it was gone.

I agree, the options for building since this was done have been reduced so significantly that ARK is becoming a more viable game for creative builders. If this was a “fix” it was half-assed and should be addressed properly. So many fixes coming in the next patch that have no impact on the game whatsoever (fixed a floating tent in an npc camp) yet this gets overlooked/ignored.

On a more constructive note; in the last patch it was stated that the support provided by support beams has been “reduced.” Upon closer inspection this meant the beams did not add 20 stability to the next piece (i.e. if placed on a wall with 100 stability they used to give the ceiling connected to it 120) they just transferred stability (i.e. if wall was 100 then ceiling is 100). If this, for some reason, is causing issues for PvP, or something else entirely, I have a couple of suggestions that might push us in a direction that makes everyone happy.

First, if infinite building is the concern then at the very least have diagonal supports transfer stability -10 to the next piece (i.e. 100 stability on a wall transfers 90 to the ceiling). This will allow builders to still have an extra tool in their box for complicated builds and kills the infinite building problem at the same time. Vertical support beams should remain unaffected and act like any other vertical piece in the game as all they provided is alternative snap point on edges when compared to normal pillars.

Second, if this specifically has to do with PvP then disable them in PvP only until you find an alternative. PvE servers are all about building cool stuff and again you are taking away too much with this change. PvP bases, for the most part, are fortified messes that can easily get by without them.

Please for the sake of keeping this game alive stop ignoring this and DO SOMETHING!

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Still no response anywhere on any board so I am guessing they just don’t care, or more likely afraid to give an honest answer. Guess it does not matter now as they will more than likely lose most PS4 players while they take their vacation.

Didn’t you read about the diagonal beams on PC now? They’re renamed as decorative diagonal beams, they offer no more support, like at all.


Darn, FunCom took the easy way out. I was really hoping they would fix the functionality rather than nix the whole thing.


Read through the patch notes yes. Is there any mention of that change no (and no, when I read the few responses I had time for the 143rd post that brought it to light was not there yet). PS4 version still says diagonal support beam, still gives support upon placing, and still bugs out after server reset. So thanks for the heads up although I was looking for an official response to not only this issue but if we were really going to have to wait for another month to get the patch. Also, was hoping they might actually try and fix the beams rather than be lazy about it and disable them completely.

I guess this is not a “whats going on” topic now but a “we need to fix this” type. I will be opening a thread in the suggestions section with my thoughts on a fix. So if anyone wants to support this issue, has any better ideas, and/or wants try and get it fixed rather than push it under the carpet and admit defeat please head over and help!

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