Lets FIX support beams!

About a month ago after I think the 1.15 patch Diagonal Support Beams were reprogrammed to lose functionality after a server was reset. There was no mention of it specifically in any patch notes and there have been a few posts inquiring about the “bug” on these forums since. Only just recently someone on PC found the beams have been renamed to Diagonal Decorative Beams after the “500+” patch was released (also not in the patch notes). I have been diligently looking for an answer for the last month which I recently found, not from a dev or a mod, but a player who just stumbled upon the name change in game.

These were a staple in many builders toolboxes and Funcom got lazy and disabled their functionality completely, slapped a new name on it and called it a day. Without diagonal supports this games building is no different than that of ARKs (triangles are just a cleaner way of overlapping in ARK). We need to come up with ideas to actually fix these not just give up and accept what they have done to such a significant part of the game.

I assume the reason diagonals were changed is simply because people were using them on PvP servers to build up and over other peoples bases, dropping pillars from the sky, and dropping in vertically rather than the intended horizontal method. I find this reasoning to be full of holes though as I do not see much of an advantage to this method. Examples: if you blow up one piece the whole thing crumbles; it takes more resources to build a “ladder”; the way to place diagonals from a ceiling piece is a pain in the ■■■; dropping in vertically bypasses maybe a couple walls, you still have to get through ceilings (encourages more creative base building); easy to fall and die inside the enemy base (worth the risk?). Can anyone else think of any other reason why they felt the need to disable these completely?

Anyway, I have a couple ideas that hopefully will get diagonals back in the game at least for builders. I also hope that others have ideas, or support the ideas given, to show how important these pieces are to the uniqueness of the game.

First, just lower the value of support they give to eliminate infinite building. Diagonals used to transfer 100% stability from a wall to a ceiling allowing people to build at an angle infinitely (i.e. if a wall had 100 stability it would transfer that stability to the ceiling it also connected to giving that ceiling AND the wall that sat upon it 100 stability as well). So how about just reducing the transfer of stability to 100% -10 (i.e. wall has 100 stability ceiling has 100% - 10 = 90)? This would allow builders to have the extra stability to make some great, creative structures while eliminating the infinite building problem (though i STILL do not see the “problem”). If a “ladder” of 10 blocks (or 6 additional horizontal blocks depending on how you look at it) is still too threatening to PvP players than reduce it to 100% - 15 only giving 2 additional blocks!

Second, just keep them disabled on PvP servers and keep PvP boring just because a couple people complained about it. Keep PvE out of it! Unless someone can provide one good reason why they effect PvE in a negative way what is the point? The only thing you lose from disabling these on PvE servers is paying customers. I say scratch this option because I can only see the benefits of diagonals even on PvP to keep the game more interesting. Like what type of structure would people come up with to defend against a diagonal “ladder”?

This is not a malfunctioning piece! You can even say you just disabled one of the things that made Conan building unique compared to other games! LET PEOPLE BUILD! IT IS THE SECOND MAIN FOCUS OF THE WHOLE GAME RIGHT!?

Lets get more ideas and support for this topic so the devs realize their mistake and fix it the right way!


Wow, I was under the impression there were a lot more people that thought this was important enough to fight for. A lot probably quit after the change thinking it was set in stone. Either way, if you want to see diagonal support beams back in a functional form SPEAK UP!.

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Yeah that change hasn’t hit console yet so I’m hoping something gets fixed before the disaster that is the 500 bug fix patch comes to us. MAKE BUILDING GREAT AGAIN!!!

Refreshing this topic in hope it gets noticed now that the devs are back to work. Help get beams back in the game by responding and showing support for the ideas posted here!

A quick search of the word “diagonal” lead me to this post:

I’m not sure why it took you a month to find this out.

My understanding was that diagonal supports were introduced to address the building challenges of roofing in maprooms. That and allowing bigger and more interesting structures. The raiding exploit was bad enough to warrant a temporary stopgap of disabling diagonal supports, but there needs to be a real fix for the issue of stability.

Why not just reduce the stability loss cost of diagonal and horizontal building pieces enough that a couple more pieces can be added before reaching the limit of stability? Then we wouldn’t care if diagonal supports were just for show.

I would love to see the support beams back. One of the things i thought was missing from many of the survival games. Working with engineers all day the physics of building drives me nuts at time.

I think your first suggestion for a fix is good, only allow the 45 degree support to give so much extra support. In addition dont transfer that support to wall stacked ontop of the end of the ceiling piece. In reality that would create sheer force and either fall down or tear down the wall it the support was connected to.

I hate having to put columns down when making a bridge when a couple angle pieces should be whats needed and how people span large distances in real live, which a horizontal beam and an angle brace for additional support. Only goes so far though before needing a column

Please dont just disable them for pvp though. Just because people play pvp doesn’t mean they dont like to build good looking structures. Honestly the whole base on a cliff side should require the angle braces to work, you should not be able to just attach a foundation into the side of the cliff and build 4 out. you should need to use ceiling pieces the whole way with an angle brace for structural support.

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The reason this becomes a problem is because stability in this came only accounts for load and compressive strength. It ignores shear tensions (sideways) and stretch tension on a structure. Flying buttresses of the gothic cathedrals were designed to re-enforces vs shear (sideways stress from wind and weather) to allow the reduction in weight of high up stone pieces giving a net increase in net load ability up high since this meant you didn’t need huge pyramid like foundations to hold the weight of higher up structures.

If you really want to implement proper support beams and buttresses (yes please… it would be awesome if you could do it) you’d need to use 3 kinds of stability for each piece, compressive, shear and stretch. It might make building more devious and interesting if foundations had a load limitation meaning you couldn’t build an infinite height. Also it could mean more varied building materials, stone, high compressive stab, low shear and zero stretch. wood, low compressive stab, high shear and some stretch.

Selecting materials might be more relevant in that situation.