Diagonal support beam bug

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Game mode: Private dedicated
Problem: Bug
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After a server restart, Diagonal Support Beams do not provide any additional stability.
Repro steps:

  1. Build 1 wall + 1 ceiling tile
  2. Place Diagonal support beam, use repair hammer to verify 100 stability on ceiling tile.
  3. Restart server
  4. Check stability again, it is down to 80, as if the Diagonal support Beam is not present.

Also, Diagonal Support Beams cannot be used on Wedge ceiling tiles.

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Support beams are now just for looks, apparently people where able to exploit them somehow.

That is interesting, because they work when first placed.

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There’s a lot of things that work when first placed. I swear there’s a stability bug. Many times I build things that the game lets me, and tells me it’s a certain stability. Then, when the server restarts, it recaculates stability and decides that what it allowed us to build shouldn’t be, so many pieces crumble.

They either need to stop letting us build things that they don’t want us to, or stop recalculating it and destroying it on us later on. I just built a whole bunch of round huts on the top of the rocks in the Silkwood. I used diagonal support beams to help ensure stability all around. Everything was fine ALL DAY yesterday, but this morning when the server reset, it destroyed half of all my buildings.

I just had this issue in my server also - someone had built a tower using a lot of support beams. The tower just completely disintegrated after the server restarted.

Bump. I built a giant cross. 5x5x5 ----- Being one segment. 5 of those segments high, 3 of those segments wide.

It is doable with just diagonal support beams. But each server restart it is as if the supports load in after the structure, and the server checks the walls as unstable

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yep, when placed it will take the walls stability number, after reset it only takes the ceiling tile, which is the one you want supported. If I remove and replace the number changes to the column or wall stability. It sucks because I keep replacing ceiling tiles. Oddly the AoC third floor’s ceiling is fine with the 4 pillars I placed. I’m tempted to just wipe the vertical and diagonal supports and put in Insulated wood pillars.