Vertical and Diagonal Support Beams not providing support

Platform: PC
Game mode: Single Player Testlive
Version: 95237/17715
Problem: Bug

Vertical Support Beams don’t seem to provide stability in the current test live patch. I logged into the test-live build and a whole section collapsed that was being supported by 2 Vertical beams and 4 Diagonal Support Beams. They seem to do nothing at all. On an upper level I also lost 9 ceiling tiles that were supported by the vertical and diagonal beams. In order to repair it I’d have to destroy an Alter, 2 Blacksmiths and a Furnace. That is not cool.

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I heard that the devs thought that those support beams were OP and nerfed them down a bit.

These were being exploited somehow, so the devs hit them with a tactical nerflear device. They are now cosmetic decor.

I’m assuming this is meant for over here. The answer is you either make an 8x8 box, or you don’t.

Yes your assumption is correct got confused when iI received the answer from you on the other thread. 8 x 8 box works, but I though it was a 9 x 9 box, two foundations high

You can fit it…uncomfortably…in an 8x8. No two foundations needed.

Good to know. I will try it although I like circular buildings as well and was thinking of a large round structure.

Nope. Can’t do it. You lose stability going diagonally, so by the time you get 2/3 of the way to the middle, you’re out of stability and can’t place. unless you drop pillars IN the map, which ruins it for me.

Plus you can’t place pillars around that map room I have to use six pillars to house the Wheel of pain over a circular structure with a cone roof, ah well a box it is.

The diagonal support beams seem to allow one extra ceiling tile to be placed outward. I did a test. I started with a foundation in a wall and then extended it out with ceiling tiles. Each tile lost 20 stability until the last tile had 20 stability and I couldn’t place another tile.

  • Foundation = 100 Stability
  • Ceiling tile 1 = 80 Stability
  • Ceiling tile 2 = 60 Stability
  • Ceiling tile 3 = 40 Stability
  • Ceiling tile 4 = 20 Stability
  • Ceiling tile 5 = Wouldn’t place

With a diagonal support underneath (between foundation and tile 1) I got an extra tile placement in the chain.

  • Foundation = 100 Stability
  • Ceiling tile 1 = 100 Stability
  • Ceiling tile 2 = 80 Stability
  • Ceiling tile 3 = 60 Stability
  • Ceiling tile 4 = 40 Stability
  • Ceiling tile 5 = 20 Stability
  • Ceiling tile 6 = Wouldn’t place

It seems like the diagonal support beams only provide additional stability when attached to foundations (not walls, I’ll have to experiment with pillars).

I haven’t figure out the vertical support beams yet. :-\

I think I figured something out. The vertical support beams are for walls. The vertical support beams attach to the “four sides” of the foundation tile (unlike pillars which attach in the middle of the foundation tile). I put two vertical support beams on top of each other and I was able to attach a wall to the top beam. This way you can build a “wall of wall tiles” without needing the horizontal support of a foundation piece. If you remove the bottom wall tile, the entire stack of wall tiles will not fall with the vertical support beams in place.

The vertical support beams do not appear to do anything for the actual stability rating of the walls or any other tiles connected to the walls.

I tried testing 4 vertical support beams around a foundation square but they would not support a ceiling tile. That is a key difference between the supports and the pillars.