Diagonal support beams dosent work

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Olt Bug still in Game

Diagonal support beams dosent give stability to the next building parts.
Lost funktion!
Thats it.

Physiks on femail bodeys ( Boobs ) just work 2 min after login. After 2 min the movement is extrem reduced.
Like they all have a bad beauty doctor!! ( ok in amerika thats normal but not in europa!! )

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Diagonal support beams are classified as “decoration” items now (yes, a bit of a cop-out IMO). So it’s not technically speaking a bug.

They removed the +stability from beams due to an exploit in the past. This was the easiest solution. I know it s***s.

@myungl would you please stop posting saying they are going to kill people`s thralls in different topics in the forms as what does this have to do with the topic on this thread?

The couldn’t figure out how to make them work without being exploited, so they just made them decorations. They should have decreased the stability requrement for diagonal and horizontal additions to structures, by one or two pieces at the same time, but hey didn’t.

Yeah, they are “decorative” only. They don’t work like the support beams in Ark: Survival Evolved. Ark has support beams that work even on PvP servers; Conan Exiles does not have support beams that work even for PvE and solo-play servers.

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