I can't build cathedrals / temples / colonnades and it makes me unhappy

I want to build cathedrals, colonnades, egyptian temples like Karnak. Can I? No. Why not? Because walls provide nearly as much support as pillars. Pillars are not functioning architecturally speaking as they do in real life.

If I support a ceiling with a wall, the ceilings attached are 80. If I support the ceilings with a pillar, the next two ceilings are also 80. What this translates to is somewhere up above that pillar, I’ve bought myself exactly one more ceiling worth of gap.

Suggestions: Ceilings supported by a ceiling-pillar combination should have 100 support value. This buys you exactly 2 more ceilings worth of horizontal creep.

Add a flying-buttress support type building piece. This wont be exploitable like Diagonals because players wouldn’t be able to do inverted anti-trebuchet inverted pyramid designs and they also would not be able to use them to circumvent no-climb walls. ((Given that buttress would perhaps need to be built up from foundations in the first place.))

If none of the above; why not just make the actual non-flat ceiling pieces lose stability less quickly? If I am going to the trouble of actually roofing a building, less support requirements would be really nice of you.

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I like and second this suggestion. It would be nice to see more functionality to some building pieces. The player base is very creative and can come up with some truly amazing designs.

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