"Pillardry" the worship

Hey everyone, i would like to see something change in conan exiles, i would like the space needed between pillars to be larger, it kind of reduces the possibilities and it is very unreal, you dont need a pillar every 3 or 4 meters in a construction, trust me, i work in construction

i’m not sure what you mean, but as i understand they don’t have to be that close, every ceiling piece you place from a foundation or a pillar gets a 20% reduction in stability down to 20%, which means you can have pillars at least every 7m up to 15m (using square parts).

Pillars don’t grant stability if they are not grounded or placed over a foundation that is placed on the ground.

7 to 15? Im counting 1m per tile which comes to 4 in between pilllars

Pantheon of rome interior is sort of the dimention i want to be able to do without pillars, no reinforced concrete anywhere there, can you agree 3 bloody tiles is ridicoulous now?

Unless you consider that you can extend four tiles from a pillar (five, if you consider the pillar itself) and then set another pillar and extend another four tiles from it, thus making a total distance of eight tiles between pillars. You only need a 4-tile distance between them if you must absolutely need to build a redundant support structure, so the ceiling doesn’t fall down if you knock down a couple of them.

I cant make a hallway of 5 tiles clear of pillars which is possible in real ancient life, i just suggest it would expand to at least 7 tiles

I think I understand what you mean, but I assure you, you definitely can. Consider the following pictures:

In this one, you can see what I mean by extending 4 tiles from each pillar. The green squares are the pillars, and the blue and purple ones are the areas pertaining to each pillar.

In this one, you can see two green lines, which would equate to walls. From the top of each wall (if facing inwards, of course), you could extend four tiles inside, having a corridor as wide as eight tiles.

You can have a space as big as 8x8 that doesn’t need any pillar, and as big as 13x13 using a single pillar, as shown below:

Not that I disagree with you in that stability could be a little better implemented, but until (if and when, I guess) that gets revised, you still have a lot of possibilities.

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That one with the pillar in the middle you clearly havent tried it ingame, only 2 tiles will snap in each direction, the middle image the ceiling wont connect in the middle Without a pillar there, the game just wont accept the connection of the 4 coming from on side with the 4 coming from the other side, i literally have a distance of 7 tiles between 2 pillars and the ceilling wont connect so your plan there doenst work quite like that ingame

Dude, I’ve not only tried it, I’ve done it. I’m not home right now, but I’ll show you as soon as I can go local.

Keep in mind, though, that the order in which you place the tiles DOES matter. You can’t place the blue ones extending from the purple ones, you need them to extend them from the pillar.

If you’re saying only two pillars will snap in each direction, I’m starting to think you’re either using pillars on top of a structure that isn’t properly secured, or in a server with the strangest mods I’ve ever heard of.

Try it again and show me the results, because either im right or my game is bugged

Sup! Tried it as soon as I got home.

Check for yourself:

Here, you can clearly see that you can extend four tiles from a pillar.

Thus, an eight-tile wide structure can be built without using pillars in the middle. Replace the pillars with inward-facing walls or foundation, and you have a hallway.

Now, what you told me about being unable to snap further than two tiles suggests me that you might have a structure that boils down to this:

You need pillars to be built upon other pillars if you want them to have the exact same stability. If you build them on a surface already extending from a pillar, wall, or foundation, you get something like the above. The unstable pillar will only reach where the grounded one would, and it seems to be programmed to only snap as further as its shortest reachable distance, which means the other three directions see their reach shortened, too.


Its more like 2m per tile, because if you think a square foundation is like a cube and higher than a person. So max roomsize without support is like 16m. If you can´t build that it should be a bug!

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