Why Don't Ceiling Pieces Connect to Empty Spaces?

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***I’m getting so upset with this game not allowing me to put ceiling pieces in place where they logically should be able to go. I keep trying to close my home, but the game won’t acknowledge the open space; so I end up having to place pillars all over the place in order to close the open area which ends up looking really tacky and cluttered in terms of walking space.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make a 4 story building.
  2. Use ceiling pieces to close the ceiling.
  3. Watch some pieces go in smoothly, and others not.
  4. Also, make sure there’s nothing in the way to obstruct placement.

How far from the walls is the area you can’t place?
Stability prevents from extending beyond 4 tiles out from a strutcture that is at 100 stability.
So if your base is wider internally than 8x8, then you will need pillars. Other than tha, i have no idea what can cause it.


Ceiling tiles can only go 4 squares out from where they originate from a vertical piece, like a wall. The 5th ceiling tile needs a pillar or some other vertical support. In real life, these structures are called load-bearing walls or supports. If the load-bearing structures were not present, then gravity would overcome the ceiling tile causing it to collapse.

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What you’re describing is definitely a stability issue.

If you were to take down the pillars, the ceiling tile will collapse. Take a repair hammer and check the stability of the ceiling pieces around the open space. You’ll notice that the stability of the pieces around the open space will only be at 20.

When stability is only 20, the game won’t allow you to connect another piece to it. Which then forces you to put pillars either to that 20 stability tile directly, or to another tile nearby to raise the stability of that tile. Which then allows you for to fill in the empty space.

If it is less than that, the game on occasion will try and transfer randomly to a tile that is at 20 stability, thus you can’t extend.
Lets say i am doing a 6x6 internal area.
If i place from 1 wall 4 consecutive tiles, the last one will be 20, and the end of the chain (Chain 1).
No i go directly across and place 1 tile (chain 2). The opening in between these “chains” will be a crap shoot, and sometimes the game thinks i am trying to extend from the 4th tile of chain 1.

To fix, destroy the 4th tile from chain 1, and then continue from chain 2.

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Great point if it weren’t for the fact that I have a foundation stacked vertically 4 boxes high and the ceiling piece will not connect to it at the side at the very top.

I also have a 4 story pillar with a ceiling piece connected to it above, but there are two squares right next to it on both sides of that the game will not allow me to close. I ended up using foundation pieces as a very thick pillar and the game STILL will not let me close up the square next to it. Yet there is not underneath that can hinder the way it should function. I even removed all the bedrolls in the entire house and there are no beds to re-spawn at, but the same problem persists.

The room of the “Fort” I’m building is 10 x 9 and 4 walls high. Big enough to place a vault (maybe two) inside comfortably. I’m trying to avoid having pillars in the direct middle of the room, you know? The aesthetic I’m going for would not work if I have a plethora of pillars all over. So I positioned them a little closer to the wall. The foundations I’m stacking and using as make-shift pillars usually work, but for some reason at this particular height I have to use too many pillars to close up the ceiling.

Hopefully you have a clear description. Also, no furniture had been moved in yet at the time. I just have three squares left that I can’t close. It’s like making a “Picasso-like” painting and running out of paint right when you’re about to paint in the last corner of the canvas. Frustrating!

Ok, thank you, I’ll try that. I wish they would explain this stuff in-game. This game could stand for an glossary, or an instruction guide.

IS that the inner space or the entire space count.
If it is the entire space, then you are sealing up a 9 (10) x 8 (9) and it should be doable without pillars. Just lay the ceiling from outside in in a circular pattern as you go. The only one that will give you trouble is the very center one.

If that is the the inside space, then pillars along the x 9 side on one edge or directly in the middle, giving you two 4 x 10 rooms. Vaults should fit in a 4 x5 area, so you could conceivably place 4 in the room.

Just check the stability of the pieces around the empty space by using a repair hammer.

If it says 20, you won’t be able to connect another ceiling tile without pillars. If it says more than 20, then the game is being glitchy and difficult.

You definitely want to use a repair hammer when building. Not only can you check stability, you’ll be able to see the decay time. As others have said, you cannot connect building pieces if the base piece only has 20 stability.

There are a couple of workarounds for spots that give you the “cannot build here, blocking spawnpoint” or “failed to place”:

  1. Switch to a different building piece in your hotbar, then back to the piece you’re trying to place.
  2. Fill in the areas around where you’re trying to build, then go back to the trouble spot.
  3. Leaving render distance or logging off.
  4. If these all fail, demolish the pieces you’re trying to connect it to, then rebuild.

All of these have worked for me in the past, Hope it helps.

Ah the repair hammer. The most useful and over looked tool in the crafting menu!

It is a shame that diagonal braces are not more than decorative. One can use door frames and with planning gate frames for interior support gives a more open look.

This happens to me frequently on PC. I even started the habit of building cheap foundation stones in all directions of a block when I build just to double check it and walls and ceiling tiles still refuse to be placed with no obstructions in the way. I can’t tell how it’s broken, just that it is.

I won’t build past 1 story as the game gets super broken and I get annoyed.

My PC has super great specs so it’s not that.

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