Can't place wall over a ceiling

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: SA

I can’t finish this wall:

I believe it’s because of the bridge in the water bellow belonging to my neighboor is too close.
But if It allowed me to place the ceiling, I think it should allow me to stick any tile i want to it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build wall
  2. Build a ceiling over it

Check the structural integrity of the pieces with a repair hammer. If the piece you are trying to attach it to is zero structural integrity then you cannot place another piece on it. Try adding a pillar underneath that is: 1. connected to the ground or 2. connected to a foundation piece placed on top of the ground.

I did, all 100%, i also put a pillar bellow it all the way down to the ground

no idea then man sorry :frowning: The building in this game is buggy s hell right now. I’m having issues with stairs and ceilings myself that should snap together with no issues.

I’ve had this issue with fences. It is usally because you’re too close to land claim. Walls and Fences are actually border pieces between tiles, so they take partial room on the the next tile over. Because of this, if you build too close to land claim, you can’t build walls or fences even though you can place a tile there.

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yeah i think thats what happened, waiting pvp enable to try to break one tile of that bridge but i dont think my sword alone will handle lol