Problem with placing celling

**Game mode: Single-player.
**Type of issue: Bug.
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvE.
**Region: UK.

[Describe the bug here]

I have built a building. there are a few things in the building, just foundations, walls, doors and ceilings. No windows. Also a camp fire, fiber sleeping bag and two boxes. Some of my ceiling parts would not go into place. They had a warning that said something about an overlap error. I moved the camp fire, fiber sleeping bag and the boxes around and was able to put some of the ceiling into place but not all of it. I tried putting walls underneath the whole in the ceiling and then plugged the gap, which worked until I destroyed the walls. This also destroyed the ceiling pieces.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place down foundations, 9x12.
  2. Put walls on all outside edges one high. No door on first floor.
  3. Place ceiling over whole floor.
  4. Place 2nd floor wall 2x high with door frame in middle of 9x wall and stares on outside leading to door.
  5. Have camp fire, sleeping bag and 2x boxes in middle of top floor.
  6. place ceiling, should have whole in ceiling.
  7. Move camp fire ect. to bottom floor.
  8. Place remainder of ceiling. Should have whole in ceiling 2x tiles above where fire ect. was.

Did you check the stability of the tiles with a repair hammer?

when building , you need to work with the stability system ,
this means you cannot place ceilings attached to a wall for eternity ,
you can see the stability of a building piece by pressing tab near it ( or having a repair hammer in hand if you remaped tab for another function ) .

a ceiliing usually takes 20 stability from a wall :
let’s say you have 1 fundation on the ground with 100 stability ,
with a wall on it ( that will take the 100 stability from fundation )
the first ceiling attached to it will then have 80 stability , the 2nd 60 , ect …
untill the last one reach 20 stability , then you won’t be able to place further ,

you have 2 possibilities ,
or you build a wall , less than 5 ceillings away on the other side and start putting ceilings from this side or you can grab from a pillar more stability from a fundation underneath the hole …

Edit : also , yes bed’s and sleeping bags , have a respawn tick that may interfere with a ceiling that is only 1 wall high above it , best practice is to build first then place beds once building is done .

anyways the building system has a learning curve , and I suggest you to watch some of the crazy builds videos on youtube ( svenp has a greath minas tirith one for example ) to get some better understanding of what can be done here :wink:


People like You should make video or pictures as your explanation is confusing.

There are tons of building videos out there

Thank you, Kanza 1.
Its the first time I’ve played in a while. I didn’t know stability had been implemented, now it makes sense.

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