Won't let me build

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[It won’t let me place ceiling panels in the middle of my structure leaving gaping holes in the middle. People attributed it to being because I’m to close to an NPC thrall camp but the edge of my camp is much closer to the thrall camp than the middle so why would it let me build closer than I’m trying to build now if that was the problem.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

the build system sucks, try to destroy the ceiling next to the “hole” than replace it, or try to equip another type of structure than re-equip ceilings. last try is place different type of ceiling(rock) than replace it with ur wanted ceiling (ie. black ice). hope this fix it :wink:

it’s more than likely a stability issue, if the area with the “holes” is far from a wall or support.

Try adding a pillar near one of the holes then try installing the missing tile.


Stability issue as @droch-aon says. I think after 20 stability you can’t place a ceiling anymore. (will stand corrected) You need a pillar or foundation to add more stability.

@danno92 I tried destroying ceilings next to holes and placing them again, or around them making my way back to the original piece next to the hole. It works…until you turn the game off then on again. The piece disappeared leaving hole again. That’s how I learned about stability then, didn’t have a choice to add pillar.


Hello @Jondoe, welcome to the community!

Have you checked the stability of the surrounding pieces with the repair hammer?

Are you getting any sort of warning or error message while trying to place them down?

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I will post a video/picture next time I’m on i believe it just says “Cannot place building here”

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Thank you, please ensure that you also show any nearby structures from other players and the durability of surrounding pieces.

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