Unable to place building pieces on a place with enough stability

Game mode: All
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All
Region: All
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

Unable to place building pieces on a place with enough stability with the message “Not Enough Stability”. If I change to another building piece I’m suddenly able to place the one piece that was previously without enough stability.

Expected Behavior:

To be able to build where I have enough stability.

Steps to Reproduce:

Start building. Easiest way to get it is with foundations on top of other foundations.

Hi @Nicci and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Can you please let us know if this issue occurs with any type of building piece or just specific ones?

This happens with all kind of building pieces, in any place on the world. For example, if I build three foundations in a row, and expand them with ceilings, if I build 4 ceilings on one the middle foundation, and then i attach a ceiling on the third ceiling on either side, then tho the second ceiling, then to the first (now the ceiling is attached to the foundation) the third ceiling goes from 20 stability to 40, but i can’t attach the 4th ceiling there. I have to build ceiling somewhere else, and in some cases I have to build a different type of building to allow me to build the 4th ceiling.
Another way this happens is if placing a lot of foundations on top of each other, while building on a connected column of foundations as well. Sometimes one of the columns of foundations (not pillars) having 100 stability sais not enough stability.
If I wait for the server restart, it works like intended.

Use a repair-hammer to check stability. They may be some elements not touching ground, or that lost stability for x reason, hard to tell so out of the blue.

Also some descriptions more, maybe some pictures would help here.

I can confirm this bug on xbox too. But it happened before the latest patch too.

Playing on Xbox Series X

Building Order
I can’t place the pieces 13 and 14 untill i build something else or i have waited for server restart. As you can see it have the required stability. If I usee the repair hammer (alternatively use tab key on PC) I get the correct stability - 40 for piece 8 and 60 for piece 10, tho i can’t place 13 or 14 untill i build something else on some other place.

I know they can be strange bugs, but when this happens, i destroy just adjacent peace, and this fix it all the time for me. I saw also more stability issue while upgrading building than building from scratch (T2 or T3).

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Sure that also helps, but I don’t think this is a work around bug forum, but a bug report one.
Thanks for the suggested work around anyway.

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What i mean, this bug happen to me just very rarely, so yes it’s a workaround, but it allow me to manage my buildings without hassle.

They’re currently working on the stability problems, the unplaceable building peaces you mentione are just a part of it. So there is still hope it will happens less in future. But also i know this glitsch since i play the game, and that’s EA.

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