Building/Stability bug

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Latin America

I’ve built my base but a few specifc pieces at a specifc place are disappearing. I thought it was a stability problem because of the different numbers showing up but at a mirrored area nothing happened, and the stability numbers changed. It’s like it gets down when reloaded.


-Red shows the holes.
-Blue represent where It has insufficient stability.

Picture link (remove spaces):
https : / /!ApBopYJqigCzzVA_pDXDoqpDFbcz

What does your repair hammer show on the neighboring parts?




They show a 40 or up stability percent at all not blue marked parts.

Actually, the red places are showing 40 stability now that I’ve placed some extra pillars inside at 60 percent stability ceilings, but that alone didn’t fix it.
https : / /!ApBopYJqigCzzVOvDS-uFJeT4xhJ
But even 20 was supposed to stand still

I’ve found a way for it not to fall again.
I’ve surrounded the rest of the base floor with ceiling and at realoading the server or whatever, the structure now seems to consider the lower floor as a reason to stand. It’s like a reverse shadow suport system that doesn’t make sence, is not relevant while building but may be at the first load of the structure while playing.
I didn’t use any pillars or anything, but still would want a fix so I didn’t need the ceiling.

https : / /!ApBopYJqigCzzVTPXiaJGgsxYJSa

I hope they review they structure load code.

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By now, you should be able to post these directly as a link :slight_smile:




@xTintor good to see you got it fixed. That is an impressive base design! :dizzy: :smiley:

Yeah, using pillars to provide stability to triangular pieces is also buggy :frowning:

I’ve seen many cases where it fails to propagate stability properly upon reboot, but I haven’t found the exact cause, so I just try avoid relying on pillars for triangles.

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