Building lost stability for no reason

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: eu

my house is gradually falling apart by itself for the three times. is’t lost stability for no reason. on the screenshot 2 times of 3, as you can see no one broke any blocks when this lost stability.

i’m not sure how exactly it works but there a pillar under celling which lost stability… i think it just can’t happen >w>

i dont know how to reproduce this bug, i just build a tree house with only 4 foundations, then expanded by the ceiling as much as the game allowed and sometimes when i log in to the server i can see i have a hole in the roof


Hey @owaimori

Could you check the stability of that area with a repair hammer to see if there’s any problem?

You can expand from foundations only 4 tiles however integrity past the 3rd tile is massively diminished trying to build walls and ceiling tiles without pillars at outer edge treehouses are very tricky like that.

perhaps this is offtopic, i no longer have the opportunity to continue this topic, because in a single player game there is no such problem (or its just hasn’t happened yet), i saw this problem only on the server
i can’t do this anymore cause some chinese guys who use all the bugs came and just climbing trough my fence as if there are none and start placing jars inside my house trough wall (there no windows beside).

the pinging restriction for connecting to the server does not work if you simply press this button again and again it connects you

do you mean my 4th tile ceiling from foundation can just lost stability in any time? this happened

yes but more likely the ceiling will stay but the walls will fall off from what I have found.

some of this thing happened again with my another house on another server, i check the stability now @Ignasi

my hatch door just destroyed itself


If our hunch is correct, this issue should be fixed on Testlive as per our latest TL patch. It should come out soon.

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