Cannot Place block

So for some reason the game will not let me place a bock in 1 specific location. I created a circular floor for a tower. Every single piece snapped into place perfectly. I have 1 open spot left and for some reason I just cant place anything there. I tried breaking out surrounding blocks to make sure nothing was in the way or overlapping, but still cannot place a block there. I would love to show a screenshot, but the forum won’t allow me to upload an image or even share an imgur link. Please someone help.

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I see this issue occasionally. Placing another foundation near the affected spot typically fixes it.
Relogging does too, sometimes.

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I’ll try the foundation block trick, but it’s the second floor that has the issue. Not sure if it will let me place a foundation block there. I’ll post again once I’ve tried it out.

Yeah, there just isn’t a way for me to place a foundation block near where I’m trying to place my tile. I did try reloging and that did not solve it. Not sure what I’m gonna do. Will have a permanent hole in my second floor. Thanks for replying though.

Is it a foundation or a ceiling tile? If it’s a foundation piece, try crafting a ceiling piece and hovering the wireframe of it in the same location. If it’ll go there, switch to the foundation block, and that’ll clear the bug.

If it’s a ceiling tile you are trying to place, craft a repair hammer and check the surrounding tiles. If those tiles are at 20 or lower, you need to drop pillars to support the ceiling.

It’s a ceiling tile. I tried using the pillars for support already and it didn’t change anything. Still left the spot implacable.

Hmm actually now that I’m looking at it with the repair hammer, the pillars aren’t changing the stability for some reason. That must be the issue.

WOOO ok got it figured out. The way I had made my second floor using the triangle ceiling tiles was not connecting to the stone pillars, so they weren’t effecting the stability. So I made some of the diagonal wood support struts which did the job. Thanks for the help!

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