Still can't snap

So I see we’ve had new updates and I have returned to the game to check them out, but I’ve also noticed the ever annoying building snap issue (where the builds won’t connect for absolutely no fing reason) is still present.
Wtf! Thought there was going to be a fix for this, this literally keeps players from making even the simplest of builds sometimes. Please for the love of everything holy and pure, fix it.

Welcome back, Atticus.

What sort of snapping issues exactly are you experiencing? If it’s foundations, one easy workaround I’ve found is swapping your square foundation piece for a triangle, fitting it into the position where you want the square placed, seeing that it snaps, then swapping back to square foundation, and voilá! It snaps again. You never need to actually place the triangle foundation, so you can use the same one forever.

If you’re having issues with ceiling or roof pieces, the most likely culprit is stability. It may take some time and effort to figure out where exactly the cause of loss of stability is, but you can wield a repair hammer or just press Tab to see the stability of your building pieces and then support the weak part somehow. I’ve heard of, but not experienced firsthand, that sometimes a bug stops foundation pieces from providing the correct amount of stability, so this may be the culprit for you too. It would help if you could identify the cause.

If your snapping problem isn’t one of these two, please clarify further and maybe we can help. Even in the worst case we’d have more details that would help with posting a more accurate bug report.

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