Building and snapping issues

Game mode: [PVE-Confliict | online]
Problem: [buildin/snapping Bug ]
Region: [Ocianic]

[Hi, have been looking for a recent post but couldn’t find one.

There is a major bug/issue with the building/sanpping system.

here is a Video. please search “jingels27” on youtube and lookfor he upload. since i can not post the link here…]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.buid a decent sized base.

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Looks as though you don’t have enough support for the ceiling tiles. May need more pillars from the ground floor up.

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i tried that too :frowning: i took out the map room and put pillars in but the ceiling pieces would only snap to the pillar and and not to each other… :confused:

Re-watched that video a bit more closely. Looks like the problem is in the lowest level. You don’t have foundations in the grassy/hill area. You have a few on the outer base of it with pillars coming down to the grass. Those pillars need to be connected to the foundations for the stability. You’ll have to add a higher foundation to the existing ones to bring them across the center basement area.

Hello @KingShinobi, welcome to the forums!

Did you happen to check the stability for the surrounding pieces with a repair hammer at any time?

Also, to prevent any possible issues with the building’s stability as a whole, it’s best to place your base foundations grounded and attach pillars to said foundations from the group up.

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