Roof snapping issues for inverted towers

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I am trying to build a tower like this image, with inverted roof pieces to expand the tower at the top one foundation out - however, I am unable to get the pieces to connect right. I am unable to get square ceiling pieces to snap inwards and the inverted sloped ceiling pieces won’t snap between to fill in the gaps. Is there a trick to getting this building type to snap together properly? Any insight would be great.

Should be no problem if you have a mousewheel.

You might need a pillar. Same happened to me as well, could not close roofs with those inverted pieces (or any other pieces as a matter of fact) unless i just added pillars and then it worked.

I’ve found wedge pieces aren’t as good for stability, I also found that inverted wedge sloped roof pieces won’t snap to other sloped roof pieces. I put a bug report in (xbox) and recieved confirmation that it is being looked in to. In the meantime I had to place extra ceilings to snap the inverted wedge sloped roof to them instead.


I’ve probably spent a total of 3 or so hours with a clan mate trying to do differen things to get this to work, but we’ve come to a few conclusions. I have been able to attack this problem at different angles, standing in different spots and I was able to get all pieces to snap into place except the last one:

I think this has to do with a weird stability issue. I can build pillars all the way up the outside of the tower and get a sandstone wedge at the top of the pillars and this inverted roof piece will snap into place only if that pillar and wedge are there to support it. No where else around the tower had this issue. I even removed any door frames and filled in all the floor. I then let the server reset to see if it recalculated the stability, and it still won’t let me snap this piece into place without pillar support on the outside. It’s really weird.

The other issue I’m running into is that ceilings wron’t snap towards me in the screenshot below. Triangular wedges do snap towards me. Even if I have support on the inside like a wall for it to snap into, it won’t even highlight a usable space.

At this point I’ve put enough time into this to try and get it to work, so I’m giving up on this type of tower. I have other things I can do. I just feel like I’m missing some trick.

Thanks for your responses, everyone. It’s been helpful.

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