Why does this not snap in? (pictures inside)

Can this be a bug? It is the correct piece, isn’t it?

Try raising some temporary walls up to the same height as your lattice ones outlining the square you are trying to fill with the roof piece. Sometimes that helps out.

Roofing can be a pain in the ■■■ sometimes, especially the one you have there trying to connect. Having wedges next to square can cause some snapping issues.

IF the piece you are trying to place has for “base” a square ,And the place you are trying to put it has for “base” 2 triangles , I suggest you to use the “inverted roof triangle” plus a “roof triangle” ( To be noted the “inverted roof triangle” can’t be placed it it not attached to something on the “top” part not the “pointy” part so it’s a bit tricky to place without having a ceiling inside !! ) I’m not sure if that is the case since the screens don’t realy show in the right perspective to be sure !

if it is not the case , try to stand on the outside looking up ( you can place a temporary ceiling going outward for that purpose ) , it often helps to try from different “locations” , for example Gates Frame are much easier to place down if you are slightly beneath , and on the right (or left ) of the place you want to place them down , for roofs it’s often being on the ouside , at the same level or a bit beneath

ps : I’m french so I’m not sure about the names of the pieces so i put them in " " since i’m not sure it’s the exact name , just to point you into the right direction :wink:

Afaik the inverted roof pieces are missing a socket which is what causes the issue.

This helped. Thanks a lot.

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You are welcome, have countless battles against that piece myself. Some won, others not so much.

The first question is: How much stability do the walls at the lower corner have? If it´s 20, idk.
But still, try this:
These Inverted Roof Corners need “guidance”. First add a cheap square floor where you stand in the first picture. Then try to build the roof under it. If this doesn´t work, try to add the same square floor at the base of the spot to give additional “guidance”. After building the IRC between the guiding squares, destroy the helping parts.
If this works, congratulations (it should), if not, it is because this piece is surrounded by triangles (which is a curse). Good luck!
Edit: Wow, guiding walls also do the trick. Nice!

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