Construction: Inverted Roof Wedges should snap to other roof peices

Scenario: When building a Circular Roof inverted Roof wedges cannot be placed.

Current workaround: In order to place an inverted Roof wedge, the user must build a series of ceilings and wedges to attach to the existing roof parts. The ceiling/ wedge must span across the gap where the Inverted Roof Wedge is to be placed.

Suggestion: Inverted Roof Wedge to snap to an existing roof part without the use of a Ceiling or Wedge.


I absolutely support that suggestion. There’s no logical nor physical reason why an inverted roof tile should not snap in between two existing roof tiles. This has been an issue since the very beginning of Conan Exiles. And also a reason why you see so many flat roofed buildings. I might go as far as to state that this also is a reason why many people build very large buildings, thereby crippling the server performance…

Edit: images can be found here:

Please, consider it.

P.S. Why can new users not upload screenshots… I would have done so, reasonably and an image can replace a 1000 words they say.

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