Sloping wall pieces not snapping correctly

Platform [ps4]
Game mode [any]

I have been having this issue when building with either of the inverted sloping roofs. They won’t snap in line with any other surrounding pieces. They either connect at off angles or fit into the space backwards and do not rotate.

Does anyone know what I can do to encourage these parts to behave?

Is there any reason that these should not attach the same way as walls?

I sometimes have a similar problem with the sloped walls (not inverted) but they will snap to the stair most of the time.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. build something with walls and foundations.
  2. try to use inverted sloping wall pieces to close a gap.
  3. watch as the building piece flails about madly in every kind of orientation except the one that would actually make sense to a sane person.
  4. Spend an hour trying to trick it into place only to snap in place backwards and refuse to rotate.
  5. Turn off game.

Hi @The_Hundeprest, could you please provide a few screenshots depicting the exact pieces used and how you’re placing them?

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