Sloping Inverted Wall Snap Issue

Platform: PC
Game mode: Singleplayer
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: | Bug | Misc

When trying to build with inverted sloping walls, it seems at best, extremely difficult to get them to snap correctly. In certain cases it simply will not work.

My issue is that I can get my sloping wall to only snap on one side of a corner. On the side that it will not snap to it wants to stick out in the middle of the axis.

Repro steps:

  1. Attempt to build using said pieces.

I attempted to upload a screenshot for easy clarification but the forum will not allow me to do so as I am a new user. I’m sure you guys have tried building before, so what is the solution? Or is it still being worked on? I see one other bug report on a similar issue but no solution.

Edit: I think I found the problem but I’m going to post this anyway in case someone else has the same issue.

It seems like having ceiling tiles above where you want the sloped wall tile to go will prevent them from snapping in the correct direction. As can be imagined, this makes it very frustrating to build with these tiles.

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