'Right-sloping Inverted Walls' cannot be used when building structures, no snap ability

Game mode: Online && Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: *,

This may have alraedy been reported, sorry if so.

None of the Right-sloping Inveted Wall pieces allow for anything to be snapped onto them. I’ve had multiple structures fail and I’ve just twigged they all involve this piece and having another building piece unable to be placed onto or snapped them.

You may use ceiling tiles to get structures to place ontop of them as said peice is not attached to the sloped tile, rather the ceiling tile instead. This solution is ugly though.

Avoid using right-sloping inveted tiles untill this is fixed, since it doesn’t allow for beautiful roofings. There’s also a similar issue with inverted roof tiles but that’s already been reported.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place any right-sloping inverted piece
  2. Try building any peice which wants to snap onto it
  3. It just can’t, it simply can’t
  4. Rework your entire floor becausse you’re not having damn holes in the house