Can't place Wall piece

Game mode: Single Player
Problem: Bug
Region: U.S.

Can’t place a wall piece on one side of a ceiling tile. Ceiling tile is supported from below with a 3-column tall support that is embedded into the ground below. Ceiling tile is partially above water on the side that the wall will not place.

See Screenshot:


(Apparently, I’m “too new” to be granted the ability to upload a screenshot or post a link to Steam. Pretty hard to post a bug report without being able to show you what is going on.)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to place - No snap point

Place another wall or foundation nearby.
That always fixes those sorts of problems for me.

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot with a couple more wall tiles on that same ceiling tile and see what happens. Will post an update.

FWIW, it’s probably a “single player” issue. I noticed that all through early access that Single Player was getting ignored way more than multiplayer.

Yeah I play single player and there’s quite a few problems that don’t exist on dedicated servers.
Likewise, MP has its own set of issues.

I’ve seen countless new users mention not being able to post screenshots or links… You’d think Funcom would have eased off on this restriction for official release. There’s no way they didn’t anticipate a flurry of new bug reports.

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Right? It’s Funcom after all. This is par for the course on their game releases. They HAD to know that there would be a massive amount of bug reports since there was a MASSIVE amount of them during early access. I had a Dev comment on my negative steam review asking me to re-visit the game, so that’s what I’m doing. So far, it’s not going to cause me to change my review.

No joy. This was my only option:


Hmm… Weird. Did you try connecting another foundation to the afflicted one? That always worked for me, allowing me to build where it previously would not. I could then destroy the extra foundation.

I didn’t, but I will the next time it comes up. The only reason it is shaped the way I have it is due to not being able to snap another ceiling tile at one point. I kept getting something along the lines of "this will interfere with your spawn point. So, I moved my bedroll out of the house and it still did the same thing. I gave up and just changed the layout some and then ran into this problem. You should see the abortion of a roof I had to put on this thing…

Ah yeah, that’s a weird message that typically has nothing to do with your spawn point. I’ve seen it all over the world.