Ceiling Stacking No More or Black Ice-Reinforced Wooden Pillar bugged?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] PVP Official
Problem: [ Bug | Performance]
Region: [North America]

Trying to ceiling stack my base but when I try to place columns to take over the support of the ceiling pieces from the off-set (height) foundations and delete said foundations the ceiling breaks. Looking at it with a hammer seems like the pillars do not offer any stability even though all the ceiling pieces are running through it. Is this just me or is it bugged or is it not meant to do that anymore?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Off-set height on 4 foundation pieces using walls
  2. Build Ceiling pieces off walls
  3. Build pillars next to each off-set ceiling piece with enough height to reach the ceiling pieces (2 columns high)
  4. Build Ceiling pieces connected to previous ones, now running through pillars
  5. Delete off-set foundations, ceilings break because pillars not adding stability

Hello @kentehnoob, welcome to the forums!

Could you please provide a few screenshots or a short video recording of this issue occurring?

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Hi, Ken, sorry for the issue, but perhaps we can help in another way while Norway is asleep.

Since you are a new user -
If you could upload your screenshots to a file sharing site, someone here could recreate a link that is broken up, such as:
https:// forums .funcom.com/t/huge-mitra-statue-inside-our-coliseum-building/121640/5
to bypass the limitation that is in place to avoid spam and such.
Please notice where I injected spaces and do it such that the preview pane shows text, not a link.

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