Isle of siptah - disappearing ceilings

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Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: E9 server 6007

Every day or max 2 days 2 ceiling pieces are dissapearing with no reason. I thouth it can be dealt by opening portal above my base but npc spawn quite far away from this spot & ony those 2 tiles are affected.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build ceiling
  2. Wait from 24 to 48 (real time) hours
  3. Ceilings will dissapear

Have you checked the stability of their surrounding tiles?

First part has stability 60, sorrouding parts have 80.
Second part has stability 20, surrounding parts have stability between 20 & 40.

I build symetrical building and other side - which has identical design, just mirrored hasn’t this issue.

Do you use pillars to provide support for these ceilings? A screenshot would be helpful.

Pillars are between 1 to 3 tiles away.
Building system is:

  1. pillar with ceiling above (100% stability) - ceiling (80%) - ceiling - (60%) - ceiling - (60%) - ceiling (80%) - pillar with ceiling above (100% stability). So there is no more than 4 ceilings between pillars with 100% stability
  2. in second case there is missing last pillar, therefore stability is 20%.

Unfortunatelly, as new user I am not able to post images, nor paste links to external services…

This is something that can occur with pillars in particular, though pretty rarely. The fix (as a player) is to rebuild some of the rest of the area. Maybe start with dismantling the nearby ceilings and rebuilding them.

Ok, I’ve destroyed all adcient tiles and rebuilded them. I’ve also noticed, that my character is flying over some tiles - it has “falling down” animation, on some character is lower than on others (ceiling is on knee level). Those tiles can be removed, repair hammer also doesn’t see them (stability window doesn’t show up).

For 100% this is not network issue - my character always behaves this way on same ceiling tiles, running on terrain does not cause anyy issues nor lag.

Destroying adjcent tiles and build new ones in same place didn’t solved issue, ceiling are still disappearing.

This is a bug that has been around for a long while and it’s going to be hard for Funcom to fix it, because nobody’s been able to come up with steps to reproduce it.

It involves the stability calculations on server reboot. For some reason, under certain circumstances – nobody knows exactly which – stability won’t propagate correctly and some pieces might lose stability, even though they shouldn’t. This often involves pillars and/or wedges, but isn’t limited to those pieces.

So far, I’ve found two ways to work around it:

  1. Add redundant support. Ideally, make sure that there are no pieces with 20% stability or less. Try to ensure that all your pieces get stability from more than one piece.
  2. Rebuild the affected area from the ground up. It’s not enough to just remove and rebuild pieces that are horizontally adjacent, but also walls and/or pillars that propagate the stability from below, ideally from the source point (i.e. the piece that is actually in contact with the terrain). Even so, there’s no guarantee it will always solve the problem.

Personally, I prefer the first solution, because it makes it harder for that bug to come and bite me from another angle, but I’ve seen people use the second solution.

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