To those of you who say that nothing ever disappears in this game

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [EU]

This is how one of my bases looks like every single day after a restart. I replace the missing tiles, a restart happens, I replace again, a restart happens, and over and over

Event log is, of course, empty, base has 4 layers of defence (spikes land claim, god bubble, etc.) and its always this one exact spot.
That spot is supported by 3 pillars, all of which are standing on solid foundations, that are attached to a tree branch. Those foundations all have 100 stability, yet the pillars change their stability values from 100 to 20 every single day after a restart and half of my base crumbles.

Nice one yet again, Funcom.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


What are the stability rates on all of the ceilings and wedges around the hole?

I deited the post with those specifics.

the pillar in the second image isnt supporting anything, it’s hanging from the ceiling wedge.

Nop, if i replace those lower pillars with new ones they will have 100 stability.It happens every single day, i know what I am talking about.

When you place them, they will get the stability from the ceeling foundation, what ever.
But they are not really connectet to them, they must be in the center of the celling to pass stability, you build them from above, because your upper parts arnt the same like the lower parts. So when the server restarts, it will show they real stability, an all other parts will crumble.

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Why then they receive 100 stability from a foundation after I replace them?
This is not something we can or should argue about. Stop defending sloppy game design.

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One question: have you been upgrading this base from a lower tier into kithan or did you directly build into kithan?

Nobody defending it, i just say how it is right now.
I would like, when building like this worked.

Directly into khitan.

then i have no idea.
the cause is lying somewhere else then and i am clueless. Sorry mate.
Did it happen to other players on your server as well, i mean stuff disappearing even when the base is built directly into tier 3 ?

Stuff is disappearing all over despite what the fanboy nay-sayers claim, just check this exact forum.
Ingame stuff, thralls… servers. Fun.


yes i know it well, it happened to me too right at the official release of the game. 2 times: 1 time 1 week before release and 1 other time 1 week after release. fortunately it never happened to me again since i’m building directly into the final tier now.
it may help you to identify the cause if you could talk to other people on your server who had the same issue happening. maybe it won’t help you, but it’s worth a chat imo.

Stuff. is. disappearing. all. over.

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Not a single item disappeared on our private server ever.

I would say if items/stuff disappears it could be a corrupt database file.

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We’ve only had a handful of items go missing on our entire server since launch. The occasional wheel, which was on the ground away from the main building, a wall or two where they could have been off-line purged and a few roof collapses when the support beams were changed. We have nearly 700 sleepers on our server and I can count the complaints of missing items on one hand.

We recognise things have gone “missing” for other players however, there must be some other connection as to the reasons as it’s clearly not a widespread issue.

My theory is that it must have something to do with intricate building styles were players are pushing the stability to its limit and not being aware of how the decay system works.

I feel for you if you’re losing items, it cant be nice, but no-one can be certain of what’s causing it right now with all the bugs in the game.

when i take a look at your pics, i see 2 things.

  • Wedge-ceilings
  • workstation placed so near the wall, touching it, or collidiing with it

I don’t say by that, that it’s normal that’s structures dispear at restart, but if i was you, i would change the placement of my stations of course.

Never place to close to wall, first when a wall or fences or whatever get destroyed, the station with be destroyed the same way, and for the moment, i would avoid placing important work-stations on wedge-foundations, and ceilings.

Then of course, take a look at stability.


And… to place the pillars correctly so that they are supporting the ceilings rather than hanging from them.

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They are supporting.
They provide 100 stability every single time I replace them.
What is it that you cant seem to understand here?

We had a similar problem in an official server. Every day we had to replace some frames and walls, that was dissapearing every restart of the server. Eventually, we found that a elevator near the walls was causing the issue, problably some collision boxes bug. And, as stated above, some of yours workstations seems to be overlapping with walls, and that may be the cause.