Buildings losing stability since emergency patch

Game mode: : Online official
Type of issue: : Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: NA Pacific

Upon the server coming back up from the patch to correct the Relic Hunter bug, many of my clan’s structures seem to have lost stability and chunks of them disappeared. In the volcano, a structure that has stood for over a year protecting my animal pens is now gone. All the walls were built on foundations and had 100% stability. The ground you can see here was largely covered by foundations and ceiling tiles, the pen was totally hidden by the structure, and another pen was atop said structure. When they evaporated, the pen fell. I saw the bag holding my pets that were in the upper pen fall as I approached the building the first time.

I include a screenshot of the event beginning in the event log. The list of stuff losing stability/decaying goes on and on. I’ll spare you those screenshots, but can supply them upon request.

Near the Shattered Springs obelisk, the central tower over a structure lost stability, leaving only a skeleton:

In the Shattered Basin passage, we lost an entire kitchen area, including stations, thralls and materials.

Again, much more was lost, screenshots available upon request.

The most devastating destruction occurred near the northern Swamp obelisk. One third to half of it is simply gone. It’d been standing for at least 6 months or so. She lost animal pens and a full shrine to Ymir. Interestingly enough, the other shrines seemed to have an effect on saving the foundations/ceilings that they were built upon. Most of the shallow water was paved over. The entire outer facade and upper floors are missing.

This used to be totally enclosed.

Again screenshots of the event log available upon request.

This is game breaking. Maybe not in every instance, but if you get hit as hard as we did in the swamp, yeah that’s game breaking.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build structure one month ago, over 6 months ago (two of them), over a year ago
  2. Log in after emergency patch for Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers
  3. Find all your crap gone.

Is there no love? No love at all?

Can this be related??? @Hugo

I see you have alot of pillars in your screenshots. Pillars are notorious for losing stability after server restart. I have a thread opened on this awhile back ago. I had some issue with foundations losing stability less than aweek ago. Did you have any foundation issues?

Shattered Basin btw was walled off in last patch w/e was there is gone now sorry

U didn’t understand what I said…

I am taking it as granted that, though you mention being near to the Obelisks and the Shattered Spring, that none of the structures were right on the ‘Cannot Build’ zone?

I do know that last year, when a massive patch addressing many aspects of block-building, etc. was rolled out, some of the long-standing bases on my server lost integrity and some craftstations despawned closest to the expanded no-build buffer zone.
Angry players were told to rebuild further out and since then, no similar issues, including this time.

Don’t know if this helps, but I am going to drop a couple of Admin-builds right on the borders of those zones. If they disappear in the future then that will be confirmation.

Grymm, you may be on to something there.

@Skalla-Hrafn, could you get a non-clan person to investigate something? If the no-build zone has expanded in your areas, there is a possibility (slight?) that could cause your problems.

Ask the non-clan person to attempt to place a foundation in various locations. Three things can happen …
They get the ‘cannot build here’ message. That is system defined and could have moved.
They get the ‘this land is claimed’ message. That’s your land.
They can place the foundation. No restrictions.

If you test around the boundaries of your land and find that it intersects a no-build zone, that ‘may’ indicate the no-build zone has expanded.

You can actually find the limits of your landclaim with a PvP flag. It must be placed on your landclaim.

Just some thoughts …



I noticed the obelisk near my base is a “no build” zone now, which has to be a fairly new development. I’m not even sure if it’s intentional, I didn’t see it in the patch notes.

The place at Shattered Springs is easily far enough away from the no-build zone around the obelisk. Also, the tower that fell is right in the middle of a much larger, untouched, structure. I checked at the Swamp and I can place building pieces everywhere she lost them, so I doubt it’s the no-build zone expanding. The place in the volcano is far from any obelisk or no-build zone. Which brings me to the Shattered Basin.

This is getting out of hand and way old. For those of us who have been playing the game from the word “Go!” it is easy to see. Funcom keeps setting aside more and more of the map as “no-build”. Machiavelli may have been fairly evil, but he knew what he was talking about. Bleeding the population again and again will cause nothing but resentment and revolution. If a Prince must cause his population pain, it’s best to cause a LOT, all in one go, and then never do it (and never have to) again. Funcom should go over the map, and make every place they may want to use in the future no-build RIGHT NOW, and never do it again. Add more map if you have to, but don’t take anymore away. Truly, it’s too late to take anymore away and stay in keeping with Machiavelli’s advice. This practice has to stop!!!

(Btw, all structures involved did not have stability issues before the patch, most have stood for months and months. One, which disappeared altogether, has stood for well over a year.)

In another regard, it is telling this thread has gone unaddressed by the Powers-That-Be. Builders are the core demographic for Funcom. We’re the ones who buy all the DLC. The love they lavish on the DLC says that some of them get that at some level. But they drop the ball again and again when it comes to addressing our needs as a community. This is more than tiresome.

Hey @Skalla-Hrafn

We’re aware of an issue with pillar stability on server restart, which your bases seem to have suffered from. Our team is looking into it.
Apologies for the frustration and thanks for the feedback.

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I’ve been experience the same issue. Luckily so far I’ve only noticed walls gone, didn’t really lose any thralls/workstations or things of great value, but I’m afraid it will happen any time now. I’m considering moving stuff out of the base since we play on a private PvE server.

Just here to report that two separate clans on my server lost their bases that they have been building for a month due to pillars losing stability. Happened immediately after the hotfix.


I was going to start a thread of this nature. Our base is missing chunks as well. While as not as devastating as yours, it is annoying to replace pieces only to have them decay shortly after. Ours are not pillars. Chunks of foundation and anti climb lose stability. We are located east of the springs by the Den.

Ignasis… Any reason why this might be occuring and is there anything we can do to get past it? Leaving open chunks on a pvp server invite an easy raid.



Hey @TrebsFromAbove

Welcome to our community.
If this is caused by the same issue we’re aware of, we would suggest not to rely heavily on pillars for the time being as they can be spotty on a server restart.

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Some of this (most of it) was prolly due to pillars. My pet housing was not… it’d been standing for over a year real time.

It is important to note that pillars can appear to be attached to the soil and yet not be.

More importantly, sometimes you will orient a pillar and it will not be aligned with the ones above it. This can happen from a mouse wheel turn, the influence of other building pieces nearby, or even a nearby thrall. If a pillar shows 100 when you place it, yet it’s actually turned 45 degrees to the others in the stack, at server restart you will lose stability.

That’s interesting to note. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever left a pillar 45 degrees off, but I will be certain not to in the future. The pet shelter in question had no pillars. I should have opened with that in the last post.

I had a base in the jungle by pitfall pass. It was on the hill to the right of the pass. It had been there since March of this year. It was not built with pillars as the sole support. I also had a flat surface outside the base where my animal pen and altar was. No roof, no pillars. It all disappeared yesterday with no reason. I am on a pve server with decay turned off and the base had no stability issues nor had I just experienced a purge. There is definitely an issue here and imo it is more than just pillars causing it.

Any news as to what’s going on here?

Hey @Skalla-Hrafn

If it’s regarding the pillar stability issues, there have been no advancements of note since our last message as our team is currently focusing on some critical issues that were introduced in the latest patch.
Apologies for the frustration.

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