Bug: pillars stop providing stability to ceiling tiles above them

Game mode: Official (1506)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: NA

Pillars can sometimes stop providing stability up to ceiling tiles above them. It seems that the algorithm that calculates stability has an issue where it is ignoring the stability provided by pillars in certain scenarios.

I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue consistently, but the minimum conditions seem to be:

  1. Place a ceiling tile “A” with 20 stability, place a column under it giving it >20 stability.
  2. Attach another ceiling tile “B” to the original ceiling A.
  3. After some amount of time (sometimes the next log out, sometimes many days/sessions later) ceiling tile “B” will get destroyed (“lost stability” according to the event log), and ceiling tile A will show the stability it had without the pillar, even though the pillar is still there. I have screenshots of the repair hammer modal showing the inconsistent stability values, but can’t upload them because I’m a new user to the forum.
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This happens during server restart. The math does not calculate the values correctly.

They have know about it for a very long time. I created a post on this very topic over a year ago. It was acknowledged as a known issue but nothing has been done about it. It happens to 1 or 2 of my pillars. I have just stopped repairing or built alternatives to the problem

I’ve had this issue if the base of a pillar is not socketed to the piece below it. This is something that can easily happen if you’ve mixed wedge and square ceilings and extended a pillar back downward onto another ceiling/foundation without it snapping onto the lower block’s central socket. This also occurs when you use the “stair trick” to offset pillars by half a block so that they line up on the seam or vertex between multiple blocks.

If you want to employ such creative solutions, your best bet is to extend such pillars all the way down into the ground mesh. While doing so will prevent you from placing foundations around the pillar, ceiling tiles will be able to border them without issue even without mods like LBPR.



This, also putting a foundation on the ground mesh where the pillar is and making the pillar touch that foundation fixes the issue.

The structure in question is pretty simple, with only square pieces, no wedges. The column is attached in the center of a ceiling tile which has 60 stability, two tiles away from a foundation with ground contact. I’ve had alignment issues with pillars before, but I don’t see how that could be the case with this build given how simple and square it is.

Sounds like there is your problem. Pillars don’t grant 100 stability unless they fully connect with a foundation or extend to the ground. If you place a pillar that is 4 stories above the ground, it’s going to inherit whatever stability it touches.

Unless I’m misunderstanding something, this isn’t a bug.


There is a pillar sandwiched between two ceilings. The bottom ceiling and pillar have 60 stability, but the top pillar (which has 60 stability when it is built on top of the pillar, expected behavior) resets to 40 on server reboot (which it would have if the pillar wasn’t there, apparent bug).

I’ve solved the problem in this current base by replacing the ceiling-pillar-ceiling sandwich with a single foundation. However, I’d expect a ceiling-pillar sandwich and a foundation to behave exactly the same, stability-wise.

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