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Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Europe]

Alright guys, I just encountered a Bug for the second time which is kind of annoying to be honest.

I built a round foundation where I put a Vault on.
Above it are our Quarters so I had to change the pattern in order to be able to put a roof over the vault thanks to the fact you get, structure wise punished when not building just squares.

This leads to the fact of a pillar, in my case all made of Khitan stuff, standing on top of a square foundation but connecting onto a wegde ceilling.

After several daily server restarts the structure seems to be wrongly calculated leading to the pillar (attached at the wedge ceiling, is no longer getting the 100% structural support from the foundation.

This creates holes in th

After replacing them they work as intended.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build room with wedge ceilings in roof
  2. connect Pillars from wedge ceilling down to square foundation
  3. restart server several times (I would guess around 5 times)
  4. wonder why you lost structural integrity

From my experience:

The pillars only pass their stability up if they are correctly positioned in the centers of the ceilings/floors. Looking at the bottom image you’ve put up, I would say that the pillars are HANGING from the ceiling above, not passing the stability upwards from the foundation. It must be hanging from a wedge I guess.

Likewise, if it was going up correctly from the foundation, but then being mis-aligned with a wedge above, the stability doesn’t get passed through to the wedge.

You can’t always trust the stability reading, but just looking at the pillars current position tells me it’s not correct.

Always build from the bottom up mate. You’ll need to rethink your design on this one i feel.

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Thanks for your repsonse.

Thing is I had to change the ceilling after I already placed the vault just to make it work.
Still think it should be getting stability but figure there is only the work-around to rebuild everything.

Since it is a 3 story building with a platform (with T3 temple) attached to it, I am not that much inclined to redo it.
Besides my friend will kill me if he has to re-decorate his room for a 2nd time, he really does decoration overkill :slight_smile:

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that’s life, you build, rebuild, and start over many time often.
It’s part of the fun, or not ? I know can be tricky sometimes, but like mentioned abow, the pillar on the square foundation looks doing nothing to me.
I would also wish they was simpler ways, and fixing exploits and cheats disn’t help the building-stuff in this game.

I had also to drag dawn walls, and parts of base because something wasn’t right. Let’s say we’re learning out of it. :wink:

Oh tell me about it.
Had to totally dismantle the biggest structure of our base since I could not update Khitan to Aquilonian.

Well there will not be a way around soon I suppose so I will have to do it eventually, but just when I catch my friend being in a very good mood :stuck_out_tongue:

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good luck, and yes, rebuilding a part of the game, i know can be tricky. Do it with fun, and maybe some great new ideas with come with.

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