Pillars..... That's right. Pillars

Pillars are a staple for the builders of fine architecture. Simple request. Can you add place marks on corners for them, please?


That would be amazing! But… it´s not simple. How would you solve the statics? 4, 5 or even 6 ceiling tiles and ground tiles are connected.
1/4 and 1/6 pillars could be the answer. The possibilities! Maybe the tile above with 90% stability? So, a lot of new tiles + new static complications.

Its a nice idea, but it won’t happen. No chance. Funcom are very against any major changes to the building system and putting pillars on the edges of foundations would be a big change to stability calculations.

Same reason we’ll never get half walls, shallow roofs, 45 degree wedges etc etc - its all just too much work that would have to be replicated across too many DLC now.

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He’s not talking about edge but corner. They could allow us to snap the pillar offcentered, but just as a cosmetic change. The overall stability doesn’t need to be affected because the pillar is still touching only one foundation or one ceiling.

As an experienced builder of weird shaped bases and roofs, I don’t think that could make the building system worse than it currently if :slight_smile:

Half roofs also would be great and probably uncomplicated. Half walls too but maybe the building system is too rigid now for that (the solution could be extensible foundations and pillars)

It would be purely cosmetic and not contribute in any way shape or form to stability. Simply touching a ceiling doesn’t transfer stability, it has to socket. Like a Lego piece. If a pillar doesn’t socket to the center socket of a ceiling, no stability will be calculated.

Mod users don’t care about this. LBPR allows people to do this easier, and there are other mods that add different methods to allow corner placement. But again, no stability. Purely cosmetic. Would the average user be okay with that? I doubt it, they’ll just call Funcom lazy, etc etc.

As Socrates pointed out, to add actual usability would require significant changes to the way stability is calculated, or significant changes to the available sockets on things. Which could lead to unknown amounts of abuse to contend with and, insert rabbit hole here.


Ok, cosmetic would be great too! Even in vanilla pillars can be placed at corners, but it results in problems with neighbouring pieces.
I would love to see abusive builds for PvP too!

I’m just suggesting the pillar would still “technically” snap in the socket of the lower piece, but you could elect for it to show at one or the other corner.
I guess that would just require an additional property to the pillar (indicating where it’s apparent position is relative to the centre)

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Do you know about the trick using stairs, pillars, and ceiling tiles? It’s resource heavy but you can do some great things with it.


Yep, but you get problems with placing walls beside them, as far as i remember, i wanted them inside walls.

If you do the trick a second time (from a ceiling on the edge pillar), in an L shape, you get the pillar onto the corner, which you should then be able to place walls between. That’s what I do on ps4 at least.

I couldn´t close the walls between and they had to end beneath the ceiling. So now I have a nice looking hole in the wall lol.

Ooph, sorry

No, this build is from 2020! But afterwards i stopped to use this technique. I am on PC singleplayer, i have alot of old saves :slight_smile:

Like this?

It’s possible (read: pain in the posterior…) with the vanilla build of the game, and probably a lot easier with LBPR.

Before the Oct '19 patch changed building rules it was easier :frowning:

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Exactly like this, i couldn´t do it. But now add ceilings to the wall… Black ice + Aquilonian - such a good combination, i will try that, because different sets sometimes behave different. Also, i did my version as an afterthought - never a good idea with these things.

Yeah, this is sandstone, black ice and aquilonian. There’s some variation in how pieces from each set react, both individually and with each other.

Adding ceilings is easy enough, adding a second layer off walls/pillars is proving problematic however…

Use LBPR is you’re playing solo, avoids headaches.

Well, mostly.

LBPR is probably the best way, but i couldn´t make it work in 2018 (i messed something up), now i am used to vanilla. Maybe i give it another try.

Indeed! It wouldn’t be out-of-the-question to have it auto-correct into the appropriate scales. As for it not being simple. Having taken a semester in coding (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth), nothing about this games data is simple. But I think FunCom is up to it.

LBPR isn’t the same mod anymore as it was in 2018. Far more advanced now.

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And yet it won’t save me from the nightmare that is placing inverted sloping walls, lol.