An increase/decrease option bar for building stability

Just throwing this out because I badly miss being able to build things without worrying that after all my work putting together an awesome looking structure there will be a gaping hole in the ceiling in the middle of my room unless I plant a massive space consuming pillar directly in the middle of it…

We could really do with an option bar that allows for building larger structures in the game since support beams were taken away, it’s always so frustrating trying to build a nice castle when you can only make a room 7 blocks across (with square blocks, triangle blocks are even more limited unless mixed with squares)

Especially in a game where one of the themes is the building, you can make some really nice things, I actually like the little fortresses I’ve built… but >.> I’d like to be able to up the scale of it a great deal when I’m at max level and looking to build something really grand to show off my dominance.

It’s frustrating, and I understand why they did what they did to building huge structures to combat people using exploits to basically troll other players and why they made support beams effectively useless but at the same time doing so also punishes players who just want to build grand beautiful kingdoms and houses for themselves as a side effect.

Now I can’t complain much since again you can still build some fairly nice buildings but at the same time having things like indoor map rooms or even just creating large rooms in general is really difficult even though there are absurdly massive buildings in the game already to compare ours to.

I really just want to be able to build things the way I want, but I understand that others may want restrictions— so the most obvious way to solve both issues in my mind would be to have the option to toggle stability or just turn the requirement off and on in general.

Honest question: are there no mods for that? Or are you playing on console?

There are a few mods like pythagoras support beams and im sure a few others out there for pc. But i can understand the frustration for console players

Sadly my computer is a toaster, I run on ps4 so I’m only able to do what’s allowed to be done legitimately… so I have to look towards legitimate ways of doing things which can be frustrating >.>

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