Stability balancing for pillars

While building stability for buildings in particular pillars seems too restrictive. As an example I cannot build a circular room around a map room in game and have a ceiling. I noticed on the trello that there is already some work being done to pillars and figured now would be a good time to take a look at it. This also applies to vaults. Having these objects be monstrously huge is one thing but please either scale back the size of these large placeable items or increase stability. Note: as a pve player I want to have an aesthetic base and pillars everywhere is not a good look either. To the devs: I appreciate all you guys are doing and know that you are doing your best.


It is possible to build a ceiling for round map room.
Keep trying in single player.
This Video gives a hint, but no solution:

Vault, I dont know. Because the vault is useless and I never build it.

Possible but still obnoxious in my opinion I literally have pillars placed everywhere around my map room and a gaping “skylight”.Noone wants to spend 30 minutes trying to have perfect placement. Adding 1 more block of stability is a much better solution to it. It has minimal effect on pvp as there can be additional placement for additional support. The only downside I see from a dev perspective is resource sink to curve building progression but I would gladly pay extra resources so my base isnt just pillars. You could argue realism but humans were building structures way larger than what’s allowed in conan before steel even existed. No one should need a tutorial to build a ceiling over ANY placeable. If you need one at all then it’s a design flaw either in the building system or in the size of the placeable item.

May I suggest you watch some nice building videos. There are plenty of them.

The building system in Conan is easy, once you understand it.
Yes, there are a few tricks and quirks (and bugs).

You have to invest some time, so if you are impatient, no one can help you.

But placing a ceiling above map room is advanced stuff, especially if you want to build on top of it.
(but even that is possible)

If it requires tricks and quirks to work it’s not “easy”. I will remain adamant that if I place an object and I place pillars around it I should feasibly be able to place a ceiling above it.

An easy system would be just that. A broken system is one that requires trick to place a ceiling over an object that I can craft and place in game as a player. Advanced would be hey this is how you make dodecahedron optical illusion in conan. Not placing a ceiling over a peice of furniture. We can agree to disagree but the map room wasnt my only point and is still objectively a valid one.

Note: after watching the posted video this involves clipping and other breaks and small glitches to accomplish the end result. Thus it is not a valid resolution to this suggestion.

A solution would be if the support beams actually were functional - like real buttresses and not just for aestetics.


My struggle with the maproom.!
It was such apain to position it exactly.!
But finally the solution!


I say this is wrong… everyone post workarounds. I dont want a workaround. I’m not building a room for just the map room it’s in the middle of my base that I wanted to have multiple floors and a map room on the first floor for easy access. It’s not that it’s not possible it’s that it is obnoxious and make little sense. Stop posting pictures of workarounds to justify something that literally NO other survival sandbox has as an issue with that would be ezpz to fix. It is frustrating explaining it repeatedly. THIS SHOULD !!NOT!! NEED A WORKAROUND. I SHOULD BE ABLE TO PLACE CEILINGS WITHOUT SIGNIFICANT EFFORT OR A GIMMICK.

Thank you all for trying to help though. I really do appreciate the effort, but that is not what this post was for.


You are right that its a pain. I also second the idea with the support beams to be functional. But just for the record: Its not a workaround, its a solution. Using the 12 pillars consequently from bottom to top you can build as many floors above and under it as you want.
The simplest solution would be if the maproom was just slightly smaller.

The support beams should be able to bring stability of the supported tile to 90 instead of the normal 80. The next tile would then have 80. If the wall where its rooted has less than 100 support beam would not work.
…or something like that.
Overall i love the stability system. Very much. Immersive as f :smile:

Btw its possible to do it with 6 pillars.

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Look there : WikiCE How to close a Maproom page
It work perfectly well if you respect the instruction. I use it to build big towers with three or four or more floors. Once you understand where you must place the pillars, closing the ceiling isn’t a problem any more.

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I’m going to piggy back on this in favor of inverted sloping wall sections pushing the received stability from side upwards.

Plus I agree with the original post. If the options of putting a roof over the map room are limited to 1 of 2 variations then it is too restrictive. No creativity nor originality, just find how to do it and copy. Boring.


I disagree with the immersive portion. Way to restrictive humans were building bigger rooms in the bronze age without magic. Conan takes place in the steel age with magic. Tbh it’s not immersive just an imposed restriction to limit players as a design decision to create the feeling of immersion and one done poorly at that. 7 days has a similar system that is far less restrictive but they also dont have massive placeable. Ark had massive placeable but the only one they left was the furnace and scaled everything back. While I wouldnt want Conan to lose its individuality taking a not from other devs is a big portion in making games so you can see what works and what doesnt. I definitely disagree with needing a specific layout. It seems that its using a distance based method with a couple boolean to do the check if I had to guess. Increase the distance slightly so both methods will work. Or decrease the scale of the map room slightly. Either way it should be as simple as literally changing 1 number. If not or changing a stat breaks it. Then just wow.

In the meantime guess I’ll rebuild my base… since it needs to be a specific way to work.


Decreasing the map room would be great but i have the feeling they won´t change a lot anymore in this game.
Regarding room size i beg to differ. Bronze/Iron age halls were not that big. 7x7 is very big in my opinion.
Maybe you have an example because i am very interested in such things. One tile in CE imho is around two meters, that would be a hall with 28m. Which is massive, even using real arch technology. The Pantheon has around 40m but they had concrete and it was a wonder.
…28 that´s typical :blush:

I was more so referring to things like the pantheon. They weren’t common but they did still exist. And again there is magic and they are in the steel age at least. Based on the hardened steel I would imagine right before the invention or migration of gunpowder. The problem was never that old civilizations couldnt. The problem was that it was expensive work kinda the same reason we dont have marble fluted column and fantasy buildings commonplace in modern day. Usually these weren’t practical but in a video game having large rooms is extremely practical especially when the vault and map room take up so much space.

And I disagree the devs are planning 3 more dlc at least and while there focus is on stability and new content there is a note that after they will be shifting back to bugs, stability, and balancing later. And they are already looking at the support of the pillars now according to the trello. At least when I last looked.

Functional supportbeams would be awesome.
…The thing about magic seems important. Some old buildings are kind of magic. Take the Hagia Sophia still standing. If somebody wanted to build that dome today, the police would show up.

Regarding immersion: The ceilings are not arched, they are flat. Ok, i shut up now :slight_smile:

Back then, things were built to last. Now days, things are built to make a profit.

On the other hand, back then, if some genius architect built something great, maybe afterwards the emperor would kill him so the building would stay unique :stuck_out_tongue:

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Since you said you like it big. I found the most extreme solution. You can even put the maproom in afterwards! But it is very big.