Help, ceiling collapses on every server reset, (pieces with 40 stability at least)

It’s getting frustrating! I have built a tower with some triangle wedges in the ceiling, every time I check they have at least 40 stability, but after every server reset, a good chunk of it collapses. Official PVE server, No external damage. I’m so tired of this, anyone has found any tricks for this issue?

I have a lot of experience building towers and i’ve had that issue myself. However i was able to fix it. It stopped happening for me when i got over 40 stability. So if your building a circle tower like i assume you are. The middle six blocks are made from triangles. What you want to do is build pillars on each of these that go all the way up to the next floor. Next as you put the square foundations out around the edges of those triangles go out to where you plan to stop. I went out 5 foundations. On the third foundation i did another set of pillars. Next around the edge of each floor at the ceiling place angled supports so that you can. Have maximum stability. I also built a spiral staircase ony foundation away from center and put it on pillars as well using regular ceilings and triangle ceilings as well as stairs that corrospond to the type of foundation below. I hope this helps you out bro. The stability system can be a pain but it makes sense.

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Thanks a lot for replying, I’m going to test this method soon. :smiley:

I also like that they have considered the stability factor, but they need to fix the coding, or how it calculates the building integrity. A piece with 40 stability shouldn’t just collapses on its own. (Specially a pillar that has 2 pillars exactly under it…)

Yeah it can be a little wonky at times but it certainly sets this game apart. Again let me know if it helps if not i have one other method but it won’t be as aesthetically pleasing but it will fix the issue.

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