Building circles on top of square foundations

PS4 single player offline
Ive done this on a small scale with no prob but this week i went big… having problems with my round structures collapsing after i log off. Used the repair hammer religiously and all my numbers are 40 and above. Is this a glitch due to the fact is huge and not really suposed to be done?

I see you have pillars in the corners of ceiling blocks. I had a similar experience building my airship, took me months to figure out.

Those pillars will not reliably gain support when on an edge like that. Bringing the pillars all the way down to the ground MAY solve yer issue, but occasionally the server will first test for stability from the ceiling and destroy the block in spite of the edge pillar below.

The server checks things differently after maintenance than it it does when building; allowing you to build, but tearing it down later. Whether a PvE block has support or not is flagged during server maintenance, and torn down the first time a player loads the area. This took me months to figure out due to the seemingly random collapses at completely random times of day.

I love how yer pushing the limitations of our build system, good luck!

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Ok, not sure what else to do, cant and wont run pillers down to the ground. O well. How about a real random unexplained dead spot… i even took the entire structure appart and rebuilt and still have a disappearing fence piece

Being close-ish to a no-build zone can cause blocks to get flagged for deletion during server maintenance. Maybe this was caused by adjusting the size of no-build zones, but I don’t know of any work-arounds. If yer not near any no-build zones, then just try it with sandstone for a few days to see if it will finally stick, then upgrade.

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