Beams for ceiling stability

Ceiling beams would be nice, and I am not talking decorative but actual building pieces in each tier and potentially each dlc style. Either horizontal or angled and an intersection shape of both angled or horizontal to support our roofs and ceiling tiles, something to add stability to them so that we don’t need so many supports. To keep them balanced in pve / pvp if the wall that they’re attached to is destroyed they will lose 100% of their stability. Also they should only be able to be placed directly underneath a ceiling or sloped roof to avoid abuse of this in official servers. just something to create a truly vaulted ceiling / roof rather than semi supported structures or needing to add a floor in between. Also the inverted wedges should actually lock in place with normal wedges just like wedge pieces do since they technically line up, especially for round buildings where there is so much work on making the roof stable, I’m sure everyone has felt this frustration. It could even be another feat as well to also make sure that it costs something so that you have to choose this over something else since it’d be something crafted.

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I love this idea. However I’m not really sure it’s needed. You can have a span of 8 tiles between 100% pillars already. That is a very large amount of space and beams would still need anchored to stability, just not as much as ceiling tiles. So tiles reduce by 20% each time, what would be the beam reduction?

I would say as long as the beam is at walls that are 100% directly underneath it would be 100% and it would go out just like pillars, why remove that mechanic, it would just make your buildings look a bit less cluttered. The beam itself would take it’s stability from the walls that it touches ie: you have a wall with 60% stability, it gives 60% stability in the center 40% on the next one out etc… It’s literally a ceiling beam, not decorative and not anything to add building strength just stability to roof or ceiling tiles for a large build.

I would like a joist system, something that can span from one 100% wall to another, giving 100% or at least 80% along it’s length.

It would however need some type of limit to avoid the possibility of exploitation though,
like what happened when beams were first introduced.

Indeed. There’s a mod that adds support beams, the Pythagoras Support Beams. @Multigun will be able to better explain the challenges with support beams.

As I said the beams would take their stability from walls they would literally only be able to connect to the top of a wall panel, and another piece other than a ceiling tile or roof tile could not go above them. Also I’d give them the exact same health as a wall so if you destroy them from underneath the ceiling also falls. I’ve been experimenting the last few days, sloped roofs for a square building will not be stable past 6x6 without pillars to support a floor around the edges. It would just be nice to be able to go past this limit. For round buildings I believe that the limit is 3 layers out before you need something to stabilize it plus something to support the inverted wedge sloped roof tiles which should honestly lock into place with sloped wedges or a triangular shaped hole in the roof that they fit in. Just simple physics would support this one as both sides would support the tile.

We can imagine and suggest all we want, but really it’s up to the developers to determine what is possible for them.

That is why I was vague, I didn’t mean to sound critical of your Idea. I like the idea and I hope it can somehow be implemented.

I agree, that’s why it’s in the suggestions thread, and you didn’t sound critical at all. People who cheat will always try to exploit which I totally agree with you on this. But I’d still like to be able to build a building with a 10 x 10 or larger sloped roof without having to worry about where to place pillars to stabilize it from the floor up, or building a half floor to add support beams that look like mini doorways just to support a piece of the ceiling. Even in the original comics larger scale buildings would likely have had this tech. Either that or we need slightly more stable floors and pillars and certain pieces of buildings to be able to lock with each other even if their shape is the inverted wedge.

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Another thought if this is implemented to prevent abuse etc… To be able to place the first beam there must be a wall and either a sloped roof present otherwise it becomes an invalid building placement, and if either one is destroyed without the other end being attached to the same thing on the other side it simply breaks as well. It’s just a thought thought. Also if you want a long staircase the diagonal beam could snap underneath the staircase between that and the floor but again the two pieces must be present or it would just be invalid to place it.

That I remember and my idea removes part of that imbalance, specifically the way that it would have to work. Having to actually have a ceiling or stair tile above it etc… Can only go in a straight line, can intersect, but still has to support something and without the first part it automatically falls down. I remember those when I first started. This way though you can’t just want a beam, make a ceiling above it put the beam in place and remove it to try to work around it. It would actually have to support something. Also I guess to keep in line with this after a wall piece is 1 unit away it always has to have a ceiling, roof or stair tile above it to prevent abuse in that direction. Also their support that they add is only directly above them and out, they add no extra support to a wall. I just want huge ceilings without having to deal with a floor obstructing them. I’m lucky enough that I play the pc version and there is a mod for this, but I honestly wish it’d be part of the game.

Would love to have beams in this game but i don’t think they will ever do it.

A simple solution, to fix round buildings at least, would be to make the stability loss from wedge pieces only 10.
Wedges are exactly half the area of a square ceiling. You need 2 of them to cover the same distance.
It makes sense that they only lose half the stability. That way they can span the same distance as squares with out the need for extra support.

Wedges aren’t quite half of a square piece, they are a more than half the size.

But I do agree. Adding a bit more stability to the wedge ceiling tiles would greatly help with building - maybe make the stability loss 15% instead of 20%. I often avoid using them in my builds simply because they are so difficult to keep stability.

They are actually less.
Say all wedge and square ceiling tiles have a length of 2m per side.
A square has an area of 4m2. Half of that is 2m2.
The area of an equalateral triangle is 1.73m2 (if i remember my high school maths correctly).

So i think the stability loss should be lowered to 10 instead of 20.

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