Decorative Beams Should Add Building Support

Regular and Vertical Decorative Support Beams should have the same function as columns. With the way they are now they serve no function meaning there’s no reason to use them.


Well, they look nice under the right circumstances, so there’s that :wink: But, yeah, it would be nice if they actually did something - either by transferring stability vertically like pillars, or maybe by adding even just one ceiling more to the distance that can be spanned - four ceilings normally, add a support column and diagonal thingy (not very awake right now, can’t think of the word, lol) and be able to extend out to five ceilings instead.

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They used to provide stability, but they caused all sorts of bugs and problems, so Funcom made them decorative.

I’ve seen people use them for decoration, and the resulting builds were really nice.

But it would be nice if they would revisit them and give them some stability propagation again.

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It would be great if they added stability for. Adding some extra stability to 20% ceiling tile used on a balcony where you don’t want pillar. Are they better attaching to other pieces now last time I used them wouldn’t go in place most times. I on ps4

There´s a reason why they don´t add any stability. That reason is gameplay and balancing. If every beam added would result in added stability, then you could expand your building infinitively.

It doesn´t work the way they are implemented atm, at least. Did you realize you can add several of them? You could put one on the first floor, one on the second and so on adding stability over 100%. I think it´s better the way they are now. We don´t need another exploitable feature!

This… You could at one time put enough angles, and cover up map rooms with larger sizes with ease when they did. It also allow 2nd and 3rd floors to just be way to sturdy during a siege.

It made cool looking bridges to, specially since you could add 1 or 2 more ceiling tiles.
I dont use them as much… (console limits) I try cut back on extra sometimes…

They did when first added to the game, they got NERFED like ALL usefull items in Conan.

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They got nerfed because you could build floating buildings.
I wont say how, but that was the reason.

I think they should be revisited so they give some support, if it could be done without bringing back the exploit.

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I could swear that they did when I was playing around with some about a month and a half ago. Mind you all I was trying to do was build a staircase up a cliff side. I placed a staircase, then attached a ceiling piece and put a decorative beam on it so it went into the rock so that it would look more realistic. You know, like the platform actually had some structural support instead of looking like someone just hammered a wooden plank into the rockface.

Anyway, I remember being surprised to find the ceiling piece was more stable after I put the support beam on. But I was glad because a whole foundation block would have ended up very minecrafty in that particular spot and a pillar would have had to go about seven blocks down before it got into some ground beneath it.

I don’t know if it was by design or just a glitch or what, and like I said this was weeks ago in a rather specific set of circumstances, but might be something worth testing out at some point.

I think its game recalculating all the items. Theres times were i swap pieces, and could build in a spot… I come back few moments later ans suddenly its buildable.

Makes good sense ! After all the whole purpose of columns and beams in real life was to allow larger rooms ! … And i was thinking last night ?? How about spiral staircases ??? They had them in almost all castles etc

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