The statistic system of buildings

Hey there, I got a simple request ! Could you extend the placement settings of the ceilings please. The statistic system is annoying as … sometimes, it kills most of my ideas to build my city. It would be nice if there will be an update with lower placement restrictions just a bit. I got a screenshot but I cant upload it because I´m new to the forum. Its the only thing that is negative about the game atm, I only want a bit more freedom on building because there is no mod to fix it. Thank you and hope the very best. :smiley:

They reduced stability to its current levels because higher levels allows unscrupulous players to easily block access to key thrall spawn points. I don’t know if there are any mods on private servers that still use the old values, but your best bet would be to see if there are.

There is the Pythagoras Steel Beams mod, that gives you steel beams to put your ceiling tiles on, to extend stability.

Wow thanks man this works pretty nice. You made my day !

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