120 Stability, is this for real?

LOL, can this even exist?
Stability: 120

It’s not supposed to happen. Are you playing with a mod? If not, can you upload your game.db with this building and send it to me?

Coordinates to the building and/or name of your character would help me find the building.

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I have never play any mod.
Where do I upload to, I can’t send it thru here.
I can send you the whole saved folder.

Besides from this one.
The L-shaped beans are acting weird as well.
I put the L-beans on it will adds 20 points, but after i reboot it will go back to it’s original value.

  1. adds beans to buildings, 60(building)+20(L-beans)
  2. Reboot
  3. went back to 60 and the L-beans are still there but not doing anything.

BTW the 120 stability from above stays as 120 even after a reboot.
And there are a couple more issues with the support beans, I just wish I can show you in my game, like they way the place down. I think you guys really need to take a look on the support beans. I can easily exploited the support beans.

If you have dropbox you can put it in your public folder and message me the link to download it. Or you can use one-drive, or google some page to upload a file, and send me a link to that.

I don’t need the entire saved folder, just 1 game.db with the 120 stability building in it :slight_smile:

And we’ll take a look at the support beams.

i just had same problem, used angle support beams to close up the ceiling. logged off, couple hours later logged in and i had a big hole in the ceiling.
I checked it and the support beams lost the stability value, all the ceiling tiles they connected to went from 100 stability to 80 after logging off.