Funcom, would you do me a favor? Would you please fix your stability issues?

Stability, the bane of most builders existence…

Ever since the combat update has come out to live(before launch), I’ve been experiencing this frustrating bug where the game recalculates your buildings stability at a later time, which is usually when the server resets, and completely destroys much of the work you do. It’s frustrating enough that I’m tired of dealing with it until it’s fixed, because no matter what I do, this always happens to me.

Before my server wiped, I built this really sweet tower. At the top I wanted it to spread out a little bit, and I was able to get it to resemble a shuriken. I really enjoyed looking at it from the ground on up, especially with how it came out at points. Well, upon server reset, a good portion of it crumbled. Walls/floor pieces missing, anything that was near those missing, and when you went to fix it, the game wouldn’t let you replace any of those pieces.

My admin came over to look at the place, and he said he couldn’t understand at all why it was happening. I had pillars in all the right places, I used diagonal support beams everywhere I could, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work. So, he helped me upgrade the place with the theory that maybe an upgraded place had better stability than sandstone. Well, once upgraded, I was able to put all the pieces back where they belonged. I had my admin look at it, he checked everywhere, and told me it looked like it was stable. Well, next server reset…ugh.

I don’t know exactly what the bug is. Is the bug allowing us to build things that aren’t stable and then “fixing” it later?? Or is the game messing up the stability calculation upon server resets?? My admin told me that maybe the devs don’t understand how I build, so I took that to heart and after the server reset I decided to try a more simple build. I built what I like to call my “cimmerian donut”. I just tried to mimic some of the domes I see the cimmerians living in over at the mounds of the dead…just, bigger.

Well, I built the place on Saturday. The place is three stories(6 walls) in height. It’s pretty round, but in all honesty, not that bad. I kept the center open to the sky for when I get a map room, and each floor shrinks until it reaches the top. Not fancy by any means, but it’s functional. I have load bearing walls on the first floor, and pillars in certain spots on the second floor. I didn’t want to use pillars, but I had to in order to place all of the thatch rooves.

The reason I mentioned that I built it on Saturday is because the place was finished. It was solid. It even made it past a server reset, which told me it’s good to go. I played until around midnight, and the base was still fine. I was finally able to work on upgrading it, as well as filling it with everything we would need. My wife and I were pretty busy on Sunday, so we didn’t play at all. I decided to log on Monday morning and do some early morning upgrading while enjoying my coffee, and what do I see?? Thatch pieces missing again. A whole day later!!!

I honestly don’t get what’s going on with this sort of thing, Funcom, but it’s aggravating beyond belief. If these things are not supposed to be stable, then stop allowing us to build it. If it is supposed to be stable, then fix that recalculation that’s causing them to crumble. This one was a simple build, and yet I’m still suffering from the same issues. Should I just build boxes like the majority of people?? Should I stop trying to be creative and build tiny homes?? Maybe stop having a nice sized base to house everything, and make small places for certain items??

To help give an idea of what I mean, here’s some screenshots.


Oh man I feel your pain. That’s a lotta donut, and it’s a beaut. I have a “dry dock” built in my SP games and on a private server, where I construct in the best locations with scaffolds and other stuff in place. It makes it easier to eliminate underground issues. This does not appear to be a factor on your build site.

May I ask how you configured your rings? I call the central 6-wedge the 1-ring. Can you show an overhead of the floorplan? :dart:

The reason I asked is, I believe the way one configures his 3-4 rings confers/denies maximum stability. If not, on server reboot, the stability “flags” red and pops the piece. I have it happen in my concept tower in the dry dock.

I have recently put this together because I built a Wheel of Pain at the top of a goblet tower on an official last night, and i recall deliberately saying “waitaminnit” and dismantling a ceiling piece, and replacing it with three wedges. In other words this has come rather organically to me, and I’m certain other experienced builders can explain the petering-out effect of triangles.

Keep building, though. There are a few wonderful round city centers on our PVP server. It’s great to see.

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I love your donut, man.


Thank you, I appreciate that. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll add the screenshots at the bottom, but I really like building circular, it’s almost the only way I build. No matter how I build my initial floorplan, I always seem to run into these issues. The only way stability isn’t an issue is if I make it 3-rings only(counting the center 6 as ring 1).

I’ve tried placing all square foundations together in a line while filling in the empty spots with lots of triangles, I’ve tried alternating the square foundations(like I did this time, you’ll see in the screenshot), I’ve even tried making the second ring nothing but triangles around the center 6 as well.

I’m very curious to hear how you would recommend trying things differently, because man, I think building in this game is causing me more grey hairs than growing old. lol


Now the screenshots are only showing the center, but if you notice how the square foundations keep alternating?? Just imagine that spread out more and more, until you get to what the earlier shots show. :slight_smile:

No you did great so far. ::old knight from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade:: You have chosen wisely. :lumie:

Please keep updating this thread as I’m interested in its developments. Thanks for taking the time to share!

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Then why am I melting away like the guy who chose the wrong chalice?? lol

I think in the mean-time, I’m going to have to learn to build smaller. I know it’s hard to really get a feel for it not being next to it, but, this was actually me building small. lol

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Well, I was able to “fix” it. On the bottom floor there were some spots where I was able to fit some diagonal support beams. After they were placed, I was able to fill the thatch roof pieces back. I’m not considering it fully fixed, though, until the next server reset. The game loves to make you think everything is fine until then. XD

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Oh that’s really cool. So … Support Beams are really working? That’s very good to know. :aurum:

From several other posts I’ve seen, it looks like support beams stop providing stability after a server restart.
I haven’t tested it myself though.

People have said that Funcom broke them on purpose because they were being exploited somehow.

I don’t know if I would say they’re working…

Yeah, I’m not really sure how they were being used to exploit. I only use them to ensure a tiny bit more stability, more often than not just to make sure 1-3 ceiling/floor pieces fit. I know I’m not an actual architect, but with some of the things I’ve seen built irl, I feel like the things I build in-game should work.

We shall see, though. That theory sounds very close to being true. See, I have a lot of support beams in this build, as well as a previous one. There were a lot more thatch rooves I couldn’t place until I put those support beams in their spots. If support beams lost all stability, then I’d have a lot more things missing.

I don’t think they lose all stability, but the game definitely reconfigures how much stability each one actually gives.


Y’know, now that I think about it, I never had any of these issues until I started using support beams. Before I used support beams, I just couldn’t place a piece of there wasn’t enough stability. Now with support beams, you can place it, but it’ll break later.

Damn it, Funcom. lol

Well, after getting everything back together, my home survived the server resets for the day. Then, today, there’s an update to the game and guess what?? Those same pieces broke again.

Damn it, Funcom, either remove the support beams or fix them. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to continually fix things you break on me, rather than play the game. -_-

It is a DBMS persistence issue. SQLite is notorious for it.
Good luck on convincing the developers to change that.
It ain’t gonna happen.

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Yabbut you saved my bacon. I was just about to enclose my goblet (which requires pillars or support beamage) over the top of my WOP when I saw your earlier lol. So I punted, and left it semi-vulnerable in the sky instead of fooling myself and then filling it up with pipe-hittin’ Nordmen only to have it restart raided.

Coulda been T3-T4 lols indeed.

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lol, I’m sure everyone else using SQLite are complete morans considering it has’ ‘persistence issues’. What are those by the way?

Have you … by any chance notice things being there one day and gone the next?

To give the illusion that the game world is always available, persistence can be simulated. This can be achieved by scheduling when players are allowed to play, around times when the world is offline, or as in the Animal Crossing series, having the game generate events that could have happened during the period of inactivity. Aside from virtual worlds, the simulation of a persistent world is also possible in single player games. In Noctis, players are advised to turn off the game while refueling because it takes so long. In addition, if a player who has landed on a planet stops playing and then after a while resumes, he or she can see visible changes in the sea level or the daytime/nighttime cycle.[citation needed] In Metal Gear Solid 3. If one stops playing long enough during the fight of Snake with “The End”, he will die of old age.[7]

A form of simulated persistence referred to as “pseudo-persistence”, has been used in both in video games and pervasive games. Pseudo-persistence means making relevant world data available when the relevant players reconnect to the world instance. In a mobile game, a virtual world might exist on a distributed collection of mobile devices. If a player reconnects to a device they previously connected to, they find that their relevant world data is still present.[2] In the video game Destiny, a World Server provides the persistent world data for the game instances (called “bubbles”), which are created on demand as a number of players are matched to play the game together.[citation needed]. The term ‘persistent world’ is frequently used by players of Neverwinter Nights (2002) and Neverwinter Nights 2 (2006) to refer to MMORPG-like online environments created using the toolkits of games such as Arkaz, Avlis, Dasaria, The Known Lands and Realms of Trinity.

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