Official Server Structure gets destroyed


Yesterday I finished the work of one week of farming and build a tower that took me a long time to construct properly. I used a lot of Diagonal Support Beams for the stability because it was an overhanging construction looking like the big rock in minas tirith. Stability was all fine never got under 40 Points in one of the parts.

As I logged in today I saw that the Support Beams were rendered last and my hole building just collapsed before my eyes.

It was one of the most depressing moments in my entire gaming career.
I would really like to share some screenshots for you of the construction rebuild in single player, but “new users can not share images”.

Im not sure what I want you to do now, but at least explain me what happened there and what I should do that this doesnt happen anymore and I dont have to kill myself.

Kind regards,

You should be able to upload screenshots to imgur and then give a partial link, such as

Hi there,

There are several things that could have happened in regards to why your building collapsed. Any screenshot that you can provide we be very helpful. You should be able to post screenshots sometime soon (I am sorry but I cannot seem to find the exact amount of time).


Here are the screenshots of the construction :wink: Rebuild and collapsed a second time when the servers were restarted.

I had the same problem. The diagonal support beams are bugged and lose their stability value for some reason.

Anything relying on that stability will be destroyed.

I lost A LOT to this bug on an official server and have a so far unanswered support request in this forum.

I also have the same issue with diagonal support beams. Had to abandon my tree house because of the bug. As well as vertical support beams give no support for structures one my server.

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